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Resident Attitudes towards Gambling tourism in Marcao - Essay Example

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This paper, Resident Attitudes towards Gambling tourism in Marcao, presents Macao, with the mingling of European and Oriental peoples as represented by the Portuguese colonizers and Chinese locals, which made up a mixed culture and tradition that made it quite unique in the Far East. …
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Resident Attitudes towards Gambling tourism in Marcao
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Extract of sample "Resident Attitudes towards Gambling tourism in Marcao"

Download file to see previous pages With a very limited resources in the form of garments manufacturing, which is also now being lost to much cheaper labor cost in mainland China, gambling in the guise of tourism industry and in the form of lottery, casinos, games of fortune and horse and dog races, as well as the trendy online gaming, have become Macao’s last resort for economic survival.
With a long history of monopolized gambling embedded in its economy, this study will present a balance between the advantages and disadvantages of gambling to the people and residents of Macao in the context of tourism. Issues which are not always sensationalized, and most probably, rarely reported shall be dissected as objectively as possible.
The researcher has chosen this topic as a tourism student, because the tourism industry in Macao based on gambling, have impacted so much on the international identity and association of Macao. There had been so much written and talked about the gambling/tourism industry, outside of Macao regarding Macao, and yet, a little is said about the impact of gambling on the residents of Macao.
The researcher does not imply that the residents have been voiceless, or that they have been totally ignored and uncounted, but only to present an objective point of view not based on the opinion of foreign observers because this abounds in the international media. The researcher would like to focus on its research subjects: local Macanese that is residents of Macao, as well as locals that are employed in the gambling casinos.
Likewise, this research focus will also aid the researcher on the impact of tourism as a whole, if there would be diversification possibilities when it comes to Macao tourism, or that locals have much more to offer besides the entertainment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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