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What is Visual Art - Term Paper Example

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The art forms are primarily visual in nature although the definitions should not be strictly about visual because they can also involve other artistic disciplines like performing arts and conceptual arts (Esaak, 2011)…
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What is Visual Art
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Download file to see previous pages There are some rats that are included in the visual arts for instance the applied arts like industrial design, fashion design graphic design and interior design. All these arts serve the purpose of decorating the laces they are fixed. They affect our cognitive and, this shows that there is a relationship between visual arts and psychology (Esaak, 2011). According to Esaak (2011), visual art is something that is created to please the senses. Fine arts are derived from visual arts. Most people believe that visual arts and all types of arts are not intellectually demanding because they do not need a lot of effort to come up with them. This is not true because they require people to employ their psychology ability so that the product of the artist is appealing to the observers. Physicists are always placed before the painters because they are believed that they do not use their might in coming up with the designs they make (Efland, 2002). There are psychological questions that so many people need to answer because they feel that arts are inferior. Visual arts are economical apart from the fact that they decorate the rooms they are placed. Many artists have galleries in which they exhibit their works for customers to buy. By doing this, they get an income which sustain their economy (Sullivan, 2009). Governments have put efforts to integrate arts in schools because they boost the creativity of the students. Many young people enjoy abstract art because it is not directed towards achieving anything in general. From the abstractness, of art, life is artistic and, no one can doubt the fact that the cosmos has been created in an artistic manner because appeals to our eyes (Efland, 2002). Nature has its way of appreciating art because so many people have created museums whereby they keep artistic items where people pay a fee to have a look at them. This shows that they enjoy art and derive satisfaction from just looking at the items (Esaak, 2011). There is an assumption that artists are intellectually inferior which needs to be overpowered completely. Platonic ideals are highly abstract meaning that human beings can derive their satisfaction for abstract things (Salmon, 2001). Artistic things can at times be a source of mystery bewilderment and puzzlement because they represent the ideas of the artists. Many people feel that the artist has not finished his work but, he ought not to be judged because a work of art is never complete (Sullivan, 2009). For instance, Rene Magritte’s painting of 1963 of The Telescope. In that drawing, we see the incompleteness of the drawing but, beyond the abstractness there is a puzzlement of the drawing. The total darkness in the drawing and yet the telescope drawing confuses the observer but, the artists require bone to engage in a highly intellectual quest. Abstractness is an achievement of imagination and the observer needs to infer meaning of the visual arts in relation to the images he had seen before plus the present features of the drawing (Salmon, 2001). Arts education is affected by three things, which are the, tendency to thing that arts are a source of entertainment, elective options and frivolous occupations. They are accorded the position of cultural ‘nice’ but, they do not have a platform to exercise their ability in the education sector. They miss the seriousness the sciences are taken with because people feel that they do not need to have arts as a priority because they are needed in the leisure times. There is the lack of awareness of the art subject because many people still feel that it is a leisure subject (Salmon, 2001). It is imperative to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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