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Art Vocabulary: The Visual Elements - Book Report/Review Example

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According to the paper, the visual elements include line, shape and mass, light, color, texture, space, and time and motion. The arrangement of these elements gives form to the composition and overall visual appearance (Patin & McLerran 56)…
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Art Vocabulary: The Visual Elements
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Download file to see previous pages For example, mixing yellow with green yields yellow-green.
f. Warm/ cool: Warm colors are those on the red-orange side of the wheel, due to their association with sunlight and firelight. Cool colors are those on the blue-green side of the color wheel, because of their association with the sky, water, etc (Getlein 89).
b. Linear perspective is the optically convincing depiction of space in which two concepts are used: forms appear to diminish in size as they recede away from the viewer; and “parallel lines receding into the distance seem to converge until they meet at a point on the horizon line where they disappear” (Getlein 103); this point is known as
d. Atmospheric perspective is the optical effect caused by the atmosphere that interposes itself between the viewer and the objects perceived. Particles of moisture and dust suspended in the atmosphere scatter light. Of all the colors of the spectrum, blue scatters the most, with the result that the sky itself appears to be blue, and things take on a bluish tinge as their distance from us increases. For example, hills receding into the distance appear “paler, bluer, and less distinct” (Getlein 107).
e. Isometric perspective is the system by which Chinese and Muslim painters use diagonal lines but without allowing parallels to converge, to suggest regular forms such as a building receding from the picture plane (Getlein 108).
1. Unity and Variety: Unity is a sense of oneness, of the elements in a composition belonging together and forming a coherent whole. Variety provides difference and interest to the artwork (Getlein 114). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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