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North by Northwest - Movie Review Example

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Name Professor Course Date Analysis of Hitchcock’s North by Northwest Known for famous classics such as Psycho and The birds, Alfred Hitchcock has revolutionized the dynamics of film and theater. The creation of North by Northwest joined the list of Hitchcock’s masterpiece films earning the movie the title as his last critically acclaimed film…
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North by Northwest
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Extract of sample "North by Northwest"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of this paper is to analyze Hitchcock’s movie North by Northwest. This will be done by providing the plot and summary of the movie. The paper will later look into the use of cinematography, mines-en -scene and editing to bring out the thoughts and fillings of the main character Thornhill. The paper later provides a concluding paragraph on the contents of the paper in relation to the theses. Plot summary The movie begins when two gangsters mistakenly kidnap the wrong man. This is a result of Thornhill being in the wrong place at the right time. The man kidnapped is an advertising agent who is new to this world. He is wrongfully accused of being an American spy responsible for the death of a Russian secret service agent. Based on the time when the cold war had taken center stage, the movie addresses the activities that occur between the two sides of the war. Thornhill is thereby, forced to defend himself by proving his real identity. For him to achieve this, he must change his identity in order to protect himself. The movie is defined by the use of adventure, comedy and most of all suspense. Aided by his accomplice Eve Kendall, they set to find out the identity of the actual spy so that they can go back to their normal lives. In their quest to do so, they are met with many challenges making them take refuge in different locations of the country. Use of cinematography Cinematography makes up for most of the features of an entire movie. It comprises of the use of the camera, photography, shooting and picture making. The camera is one of the most essential devices in the making of a film. It is used to emphasize the angles that the director views as the most critical parts of the film. The movie generally does not portray a lot of the use of the camera. One of the pivotal scenes where the camera is used is during the end of the film where Roger Thornhill and Eve Kendall’s lives are in danger. The director shows Thornhill look for a way out by first glancing to the left, right and then back to the left as Eve Kendall is clutching on to him for dear life. This brings out his desperation in that he has few options to choose from. All he can picture is his whole life flash before him. The use of shadows across the faces of Mount Rushmore brings out the intensity of the scene. The sniper who shoots their attacker miraculously saves them. The camera is pointed towards the attacker who is situated on the floor and, later tilted towards the direction of the sniper. This scene also displays the use of twists to maximize on the suspense of the movie. Mines-en -scene Mines-en-scene is the display of the view, picture and the location of a movie in general. The movie utilizes this factor significantly in that it is set in different parts of the country. Thornhill eventually runs for his life and take refuge in several parts of the country. Hitchcock achieved this by shooting scenes in pivotal places such as Mount Rushmore that is known for the presidential faces during the end of the movie. This is where he redeems himself by becoming a hero in a turn of events. Another area where the director displays mines-en-scene is in the United Nations building located in New York. The use of a hidden camera was enabled so as to view the entrance of Thornhill as he climbs the stairs. What sets this movie apart from the rest of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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