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Strangers on a Train Flim - Essay Example

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2) Hitchcock presents several motifs (patterns of repeated images and ideas) in the film, notably motifs of hands, of eyeglasses, and of criss-crossed objects/situations. Discuss the significance of one of these motifs, including at least three specific examples of its…
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Strangers on a Train Flim
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Extract of sample "Strangers on a Train Flim"

Download file to see previous pages He uses double crossing at various point. Firstly, the lighter of Guy Haines plays an important role in the movie and has a crosses tennis racket set. Secondly, in the beginning of the film, Hitchcock shows Bruno ordering for two drinks, no the train. This again, is an attempt to accentuate the criss-crossing theme. Thirdly, the initial part of the film shows a murder being committed and this is captured as double reflection on the glasses of the victim. Thus, Hitchcock makes use of this motif to create a greater impact on the audiences.
3) Hitchcock sets most of the story in the world of Washington, D.C. (not the setting in the novel on which the film is based). Name three places in D.C shown in the film, and explain briefly how this world (physical and cultural) contributes to the meaning of the story.
Washington D.C is the main setting of ‘Strangers on the Train’ and Hitchcock shows us few scenes placed in the capital. Firstly, the scene where in the two strangers get down form their cabs and board the train is a great way to establish the capital city, in the movie. Secondly, the scene before Miriam is murdered shows her with her two boyfriends, at an amusement park. This again is set in Washington D.C. Thirdly, the scene wherein Guy Haines, the tennis pro is shown at a tennis club is again set in Washington D.C. The very fact that Guy’s girlfriend, Ann Morton’s father is a Senator strengths the Washington D.C setting further more. The physical world at Washington D.C is rather rich and sophisticated, with shiny cabs, amusement parks, tennis clubs, etc. This establishes the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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