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The paper analyzes The Kings’s Speech, directed by Tom Hooper. The movie was chosen among suggested movies due to its most contemporary nature and the presence of interpersonal conflicts within situations and characters that make it an appropriate example for this paper…
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Movie Application Paper - The Kingss Speech
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Download file to see previous pages The paper "Movie Application Paper - The Kings’s Speech" discovers the film called "The Kings’s Speech". The inspirational film presented the tribulations and challenges faced by King George VI, known as Bertie to the royal family. Bertie has been afflicted with a speech stammer, making it tremendously difficult to make a public announcement or speech to the nation. To make matters worse, the expectations posed by his ascendance to the throne were drastically heightened given the power and responsibilities exemplified by including the need to make public announcements and thereby, conquer his fear for public speaking. In this regard, the movie would be used to identify interpersonal conflict by citing relevant situations and linking these to concepts noted in Floyd’s (2009) book entitled Interpersonal Communication: The Whole Story. Floyd (2009) defined interpersonal conflict as encompassing the following elements or characteristics: manifesting an expressed struggle, occurring between two independent parties, presence of incompatible goals, arising from scarce resources, in conjunction with some form of interference. Using the definition, the eminent interpersonal conflict manifested in the movie, The King’s Speech as are follows: First and foremost, the existence of an expressed struggle in terms of capacities for public speaking due to the speech stutters that afflicted the main character, King George. For example, in the introduction, Bertie (then the Duke of York) was asked by his father.
to deliver a speech in front of the public and his anxiety and deep struggle to achieve, a seemingly simple goal, drastically failed. Secondly, the interpersonal conflict existed between several parties: Bertie and his father (due to his inability to deliver a speech); Bertie and his brother (when Edward decided to abdicate the throne to marry to a divorcee) and he then had no other option except to assume the throne despite his speech impediment; Bertie and Lionel Logue, the Australian speech therapist, who was contacted by then Duchess of York, to help in overcoming the stutter but was initially perceived by Bertie with apprehension in terms of the ability to address his dilemma; and the cohorts of the monarchy who opposed and questioned Logue’s ability to improve King George’s speech impediment. Third, the presence of incompatible goals was also eminent from the start when the goal of the father was to encourage and train Bertie to overcome his stutter, to his perceived exasperation and inability. Since he always knew that in the event of his father’s death, his brother Edward would be crowned the next monarch, it was beyond his comprehension when Edward’s goal to marry Wallis Simpson was given precedence. Finally, some form of interference was manifested when King George’s advisors found that Logue was not a licensed speech therapist and should therefore be prevented from continuing his services. There was another situation of interference when apprehension and lack of confidence to Logue and himself, initially prevented then Duke of York to pursue with the speech therapy sessions to be held at Logue’s home. Applicability of Other Interpersonal Conflict Concepts ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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