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He is a reverend from the minority group in the South, advocating for defense against racial injustices in a Civil Rights Movement. King writes to the clergymen and…
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Download file to see previous pages There are several motivations he cites for the call for nonviolent action. To begin with, he cites ways in which can injustice can be discovered and according to him, there was racial injustice against the minority. Further, he notes the prevalence of two types of laws, the just and the unjust. He says that the unjust law leads to unfair treatment of the minority people and goes ahead to state that, such a law is not law at all and therefore, it should be abolished by all means. King goes ahead to express his disappointment in all the people who witness the injustice happening in their midst and chose to remain silent about it. Most of his disappointment is directed to his fellow religious colleagues who he feels have done very little to fight the racial injustices. It is then that he calls for them to help restore equality by telling that they cannot sit idly as Christians and allows their brethren to suffer. His call for action and why it is very important for everyone to unite and fight alongside him has been retaliated all throughout the letter and especially at the end. King’s letter has effectively used major appealing techniques to show the evil of racial injustice and call for action to fight for equality. This paper seeks to show the relevance and credibility of King’ letter in his quest for equality.
King’s letter is very appealing especially since his conclusion for the fight of racial injustices involves the call for nonviolent action. He notes that non-violent action is the future for the civil rights movement as it does not aggravate the situation. While the term ‘nonviolent’ action seems to be ambiguous, he goes ahead to explain what exactly he means by nonviolent action and what actions constitute nonviolent action. He provides a list of the nonviolent actions which are intended to provide insights into the questions he poses, “Why direct action, why sit-ins, marches and so forth?” (King, 1963, p. 214). It is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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