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Choosing Wrong-The Twilight Saga-Eclipse - Movie Review Example

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Choosing Wrong – The Twilight Saga – Eclipse  Student's name - Course name and number - Instructor's name - Date submitted - Choosing Wrong – The Twilight Saga – Eclipse The visual design aspects of any film or theatre production are one of the main factors that contribute to the success or failure of it…
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Choosing Wrong-The Twilight Saga-Eclipse
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Download file to see previous pages This paper helps to provide an analysis of the mise-en-scene that takes place in a scene titled ‘Choosing Wrong’ from the movie Eclipse: The Twilight Saga, and discusses the various aspects of these spatial and temporal elements used within the scene. The production designer for the scene ‘Choosing Wrong’ was Paul D. Austerberry and art direction was carried out by Jeremy Stanbridge. The two directors have had a great amount of contribution in the overall process of design as they helped in designing the backdrop and sets used by the two characters present in the scene. The chosen scene consists of a conversation between Rosalie and Bella about whether or not Bella is making the right decision in choosing to become a vampire because of her irrevocable love towards Edward Cullen. Rosalie points out blatantly by saying that she envies the fact that Bella is a human being and ahs the choice to turn down the offer of becoming a vampire eventually due to the pain and trauma that the process and after effects of the same cause. (IMDB) A great amount of emotion can be seen as portrayed through this scene which last for about 40 seconds. Within the given time frame, anyone watching will be able to discern the kind of characters the two women have. Their personalities have been shown wonderfully within the given scope of time with the help of the elements in the scene around them. The setting in the scene is of one small area of the house of the Cullens; the balcony outside the kitchen. This helps to provide a certain amount of warmth to the scene and also gives a homely aspect. The fact that the conversation is taking place in such a setting helps the audience to understand the intensity of the conversation between the two women in the movie; one can easily comprehend that this conversation contains importance and is talked out in a civil manner. Not much of the kitchen or the balcony area is shown but it helps to tell a great deal about the characters and their outlook towards each other and assures the audience of a solution or thought process emerging out of the conversation between Bella and Rosalie. This setting thus helps to influence the overall mood of the film by providing the film with the set design of a house thus meaning that the characters have a place to carry out personal discussions in and talk things out with each other. This puts the audience’s mood in a very subtle and mellowed manner. Very mild lighting has been used within this scene. It is soft and warm and shows an evening scenario in the balcony outside the kitchen where the two women are talking to each other. This has been used to depict the kind of warmth that they might be able to share with each other if they are able to set their differences aside and reconcile with each other. The reason that night time has been chosen is to place emphasis on Rosalie as she is a vampire, and to put Bella in a sort of muddle that she would find herself in within the darkness of the night. However, the scene is lighted in the balcony outside the kitchen depicting no signs of danger and the fact that she is safe from any kind of harm. The lighting helps to evoke a mood of frustration that is caused by the dilemma that Bella has been put into and the indifference that she is forced to being subject to by Rosalie. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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