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Theory of the Derive - Essay Example

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Photo Project 2 Theory of the Derive Words= 1123 Derive is a concept of exploring the local environment and experiencing the effect it has on the person or a group of persons. Every portion of the environment has its contours and movements, permanent features that focus on nature…
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Theory of the Derive
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"Theory of the Derive"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, it quotes from social and city observers about characteristics of derive, such as that of Chombart de Lauwe (1952),who described, “an urban neighborhood is determined not only by geographical and economic factors, but also by the image that its inhabitants and those of other neighborhoods have of it,” (Debord, 1952, P 5). It then provides the viewer – the derive actor – a thought, interpretation, or meanings. When it comes to nature, many forms of derive may be obtained, and contrasting thoughts and impressions may be formed depending on where or what the viewer may go through. While it is possible to describe a natural environment as “untouched” by humans, it no longer applies to being “undisturbed.” Human activities already altered much of nature, touched and untouched. Indirectly, no stones have been left unturned, so to speak. However, this does not limit nor impede nature derive for one who remains optimistic. One sees many aspects of visual representations: line, shape, balance, form, symmetry, asymmetry, volume, color saturation, contrast and unity. In the exploration of line, some of nature’s products are seen with straight, almost straight, and even curvy lines from tree trunks to leaf features. Many are repetitive, forming symmetry and unity. If one goes deeper, one may inspect the bamboo trunk, with fibers of lines, thousands of them per stem. These can be separated and still form lines like the one seen on synthetic fabrics as is they were engineered to be such. Perhaps, they were engineered by higher forms to be such. Bamboos are structural materials, or even materials for fabrics as is. Bamboo Fiber. Source: Wikipedia, 2011. When it comes to shapes, many representations are sky-inspired. There are the sun, moon and stars, with the moon forming several shapes in the span of a month. There are snowflakes, raindrops, even lightning. Mountains are often pyramidal, or triangular, imitated by human dwellings with their rooftops. There are oblong fishes, and billions of leaves with thousands of variations. Then there are rocks of varieties of spherical shapes, odd and common. The light that emanates from some of these rocks also inspire their own shapes: say a diamond. We will never get enough of flora’s balance and form. Perfect radiances of flower petals, a center with its attractive colors and forms, and shapes, or even volumes of stigma, anther, and filaments that have for thousands of years attracted many derive experiences. It is how they have occupied important roles in human interaction and survival. In fact, even in afterlife. Flowers represent to humans a lot of things, generally positive and celebratory. It melts anger, pain, and sorrow. It unites, welcomes, refreshes, cheers, consoles, applauds. Flowers have performed well and good to the human experience they continue providing derive experiences of immeasurable pleasure until now. Source: But derive is not all about optimist impressions. As mentioned earlier, there are also negative aspects of natural environment derive experiences which had been influenced by human “‘touch”, whether nature liked it or not. Through greedy consumption, mindless disposal and major economic activities, nature in many aspects of its existence have been negatively affected by humans. Take for example the latest sea oil spill. Take a look at what volume may mean below: (Source: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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