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The case of Chanel and WestWood - Essay Example

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The essay explores The case of Chanel and WestWood. Fashion designing industry is a complex and competent area of the business world. The competence level in fashion designing is high and the consumers’ bargaining power increases with the increasing number of entrants…
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The case of Chanel and WestWood
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Extract of sample "The case of Chanel and WestWood"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "The case of Chanel and WestWood" concerns the Chanel's and WestWood's case. Exclusivity and fashionability are the two concepts which may be directly related in the context of fashion designing. The exclusivity strategy is directly aimed at creating branding opportunities for the business. Branding concept is often reliant on the competitive advantages that a company or a business holds. These branding traits are created rather than adopted from a particular industry. The brand distinction is developed using the strategies which give a unique, new or fashionable product to the consumers in the fashion designing industry. People are often attracted towards the clothing and other accessories which are produced for a limited number of people with a unique idea and suitability with the current trends. These unique products are identified normally with the fashion designers’ name. Their marketing is placed in a way that gives an impression of uniqueness and exceptionality of the product design and quality. Hence, exceptionality of a product design should also be accompanied by fashionability of the product in order to attract consumers. An exceptionally expensive item with good quality does not attract customers until it is according to the current fashion and trends in the society. Some distinct businesses which are recognized by their names in attaining the exclusivity in their relative industry include Harvery Nichols in the retail industry, Ferrarri in the automobile industry., Rolex in the watch making industry and so on. Coco Chanel and Vivien Westwood are the two leading names in the fashion designing industry which make use of the exclusivity concept keeping fashionability as their core value and meeting consumer expectations as their aim. The goodwill and trademarks of fashion designers play a vital role in the success of their products. They launch new variety and people go for it as their distinct position in the market assures reliability of their materials and designs. Fashion designing industry is highly demanding and requires continuous changes in designs. Creativity is the main factor in the success of fashion designing career. The well known fashion designers use a number of marketing strategies to increase their sales as well as to maintain their goodwill. Their reputation is a factor which assures their success. Their unique ideas accompanied by creativity of using them in their products make the products distinct from others (Dickerson 2004, p. 296). Their marketing techniques involve ideas which promote individuality of their designs and uniqueness of their products. The use of Chanel’s logo in the products it offers motivate the consumers to buy it. Consumers of fashion designing industry are highly status and brand conscious. Their trademarks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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