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International Marketing Mix Tutbury Crystal - Case Study Example

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Lifestyle products have seen many takers from a variety of income and social backgrounds in the recent past. This has triggered various empirical studies into the nature of the market forces that determine the operational realities of these products in terms of brand identities and knowledge…
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International Marketing Mix Tutbury Crystal
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Extract of sample "International Marketing Mix Tutbury Crystal"

Download file to see previous pages A family owned business that churns out the highest quality of cut glass and allied products that come under the lifestyle category, Tutbury is a name to reckon with. Given its history and the prestige attached with owning pieces produced by this company, it would be a tough job to market this effectively in a region where little would be known about this exclusive brand. In this regard, the paper will present factual based strategies throughout in order to maintain a strong context in terms of the branding and marketing mix that would suit this company the most. This will be done with a strong focus on the operational realities within which the company has been functioning in Europe so as to find a suitable model for application in the country of our choice. The basic people this plan caters to are the stakeholders. Following are the points pertaining to Anukul Designs and its operations:
The demand for Dipti's products grew and there was a market for interior decoration. By 1993, Dipti was busy undertaking several turnkey projects for complete furnishing of guest houses, hotels, as well as the Governor's residences in the state of Orissa.
In this regard, it is imperative to loosely define international marketing before moving on. International marketing is that sphere of activities that is aimed at introducing a product in a country or group of countries with the aim of creating sales and some amount of awareness regarding the brand. (Bennett et al, 2002) Therefore, for a lifestyle product like crystal, what better than a country where lifestyle solutions are becoming a rage and the norm of the day - India.

New Product Development: Range of Furnishing Items by Anukul Designs
Table 1. Where Are the New-Product Opportunities'

Product type
True break-
High profit
High failure rate
High R&D expense
Epilady hair remover
Betamax VCR
Selectavision by RCA
Lactaid (enzyme for break-
Ing down milk sugar)
Adaptations of
existing product
Greater chance
of success
More predictable
sales patters
Low R&D cost
Small piece of
large pie
Less prestige
Can become very
IBM personal computer
Colgate baking soda
Healthy Choice frozen
Line extensions
Presold audience
Keeps brand
fresh and new
Inferior product
can dilute core
Healthy Choice soups
Compaq laptop computer
Haagen Daz frozen yogurt
Sony walkman variations
New use
No new manu-
facturing costs
Incremental sales

Arm & Hammer baking
soda as refrigerator ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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