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Analysis of the Chinese films - Essay Example

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The contemporary Chinese cinema is undergoing rapid but positive change. Nowadays, the Chinese film makers show keen interest to inculcate innovative ideas in their films. For instance, the film Devil at the Doorstep by the Chinese actor cum director Jiang Wen is one of the best examples which highlight the foretold change. …
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Analysis of the Chinese films
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Download file to see previous pages As pointed out, the protagonist was forced to be the custodian of Kosaburo Hanaya and Dong Hanchen. Before this incident, Ma Dasan’s life was flowing slowly without much problem. But this incident forced Ma Dasan to be in a dilemmatic situation because the person who handed over the prisoners pointed out that he must look after the prisoners with due care. The following events include the futile effort undertaken by Ma Dasan to keep the prisoners safe, hiring of One Stroke Liu to execute the prisoners and failure to do so, Kosaburo Hanaya’s return to his homeland, and the fire in Ma Dasan’s village, Ma Dasan’s attempt to take revenge and his ultimate doom. The most shocking incident in the film is the large scale massacre at the feast. This incident ignited the feeling of revenge in Ma Dasan’s mind. Earlier, Ma Dasan’s role in the village (say, his community or society) was to obey the law and order without showing his hesitation. But this incident transformed him from a passive individual to an active individual who is ready to give up his life for a noble purpose. A bird’s eye view of the film leads one to misinterpret the same as an anti-Japanese invasion genre film. But deeper understanding leads one to the realization that the director’s attempt is to mock the hypocrisy of the Chinese authorities and the mentality of the Chinese villagers towards the Japanese invaders. For instance, in the film, children are ready to share secrets with the invaders and the villagers feel satisfied by the supply of food grains. Besides, this unveils the passive attitude shown by the people towards the authorities. The fundamental problem of violence in the film faced by the ignorant villagers without a unified authority is two sided. For...
The contemporary Chinese cinema is undergoing rapid but positive change. Nowadays, the Chinese film makers show keen interest to inculcate innovative ideas in their films. For instance, the film Devil at the Doorstep by the Chinese actor cum director Jiang Wen is one of the best examples which highlight the foretold change. Jiang Wen’s prior status as an actor did not hinder him from choosing the story line of the film Devil at the Doorstep, which carries violence and mental trauma faced by individuals in a closed society. The film was able to gain the jury prize at Cannes, but that did not help Jiang Wen as a direThe film Devil at the Doorstep by Jiang Wen was accepted by the international viewers but less accepted by the Chinese government. The main problem faced by Jiang Wen was the restriction upon individual freedom of a director with the international outlook. The main reason behind the less acceptance and ban on the film was the realistic and critical attitude of the director towards power politics, violence and its effect upon the individuals. The protagonist’s transformation from an inactive stage to activism and as the mouthpiece of the director to communicate with the viewers is the most important development in the film. The narrative feature of the film is conversational and less ambiguous because of the usage of the historical plot. The stylistic features of the film raise the same from its limitations to the international arena of cinematography. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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