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This paper, The Movie Crash, discusses the movie Crash is an amazing movie that punches audiences in the gut through its very realistic portrayals of stereotypes. Racial discrimination is still an issue and the movie drove a stake in to the heart of the issue. …
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The Movie Crash
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The movie Crash is an amazing movie that punches audiences in the gut through its very realistic portrayals of stereotypes. Racial discrimination is still an issue and the movie drove a stake in to the heart of the issue. The title “Crash” is appropriate because it shows how a simple car crash can go deeper into the lives of the people involved in it. When people’s lives collide, many things can happen. Surprisingly, the lives of the people at the car crash scene were connected in one way or another. At first, I thought the movie was just an ordinary film about accidents but as the plot became exciting, I was mesmerized by the characters that played their roles so well. What makes the movie very realistic is that the all the characters gave depth to their performance. One character that struck me most was Sandra Bullock as the pampered DA wife who was snobbish, suspicious, and racist. She never trusted people especially colored ones and expressed her distaste explicitly. Things changed towards the end as she was cared for by her maidservant after an accident that left her helpless. I like that part because it feels good to disprove people’s stereotypes about Hispanics who are lazy or not trustworthy. Her maid proved her wrong and gave her assistance when she badly needed it.
In terms of picking out two scenes that disturbed me most, I chose the scene where the police officer rescued the woman whom he molested before. Both characters did not know that they would meet again on such a situation so I believe the police rescued the woman not to redeem himself but to do a noble duty- save a life. I believe also that because of that second encounter, he was able to show himself in a different light not just as an officer, but as a person as well. The idea that two people must cooperate with each other on issues of life and death is a representation of humanity as a whole. Nations wage war against another for selfish pursuits; however, when both countries are threatened by something bigger, they unite for a common purpose.
The next scene that touched me most was the scene when Mrs. Waters cried upon knowing that her long lost son is dead. She blames her son, Detective Waters for not finding his brother on time yet solving other people’s crime which was really ironic. It was heart –breaking to see that Peter was shot because he was holding a statue that seemed like an act of assault to the young police who picked him up. It was the racial profiling that made Hansen shoot the innocent Peter who was expressing about his belief in God. I was shocked because the ending of that scene was cold and brutal. Hansen showed no remorse and burned the car so there’s no evidence of the crime.
After I saw the movie, I realized that I took hold some bias against other people who simply did not share the same principles or beliefs that I have. Judging other people just because they are different is morally wrong. Wrong perceptions can lead us to commit actions that can be hurtful or even irreversible. The movie made me think deeply and helped me grow more tolerance to other people who used to annoy me. Like in the movie Crash, we are all hurting inside and we need other people to heal us; however, we must learn to trust first and let go of our own prejudices. Read More
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