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Research 1.What is independent filmUsing one or two contemporary films of your choice critically examine the problem of how to define independent cinema - Essay Example

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It would not be a mistake to point out that out of many different aspects of social life, art may be regarded as a one of the most characteristic manifestations of human nature. Indeed, nothing similar is found anywhere beyond the boundaries of society that is formed by humans…
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Research Essay 1.What is independent filmUsing one or two contemporary films of your choice critically examine the problem of how to define independent cinema
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Extract of sample "Research 1.What is independent filmUsing one or two contemporary films of your choice critically examine the problem of how to define independent cinema"

Download file to see previous pages One of the most popular as well as influential kinds of art at the present moment is cinema. However, it must be noted that contrary to the so called mainstream cinema, there is a peculiar phenomenon that is called independent film. This paper will engage two independent movies and based on their close examination will come up with a list of characteristic features of an independent film.
The first movie that will be used is titled Reservoir Dogs. Leaving aside some formal details of it, such as the cast or the director, one should note that it reflects the general tendency of independent films to involve unusual, controversial and provocative actions in the plot of the movie. In other words, the characters are shown performing actions that are rarely seen in the mainstream cinema (Allen 2003, p. 14). For example, in Reservoir Dogs one of the main characters, namely Mr. Blonde is portrayed torturing a hostage with a razor, ultimately severing his ear off. There is no doubt that scenes which depict torture are seen in the mainstream movies as well, but they have more symbolic meaning, while directors of independent film tend to portray violence quite realistically. In addition to that, in the same scene of torture, Mr. Blonde finds it necessary not only to mutilate the hostage, but also to kill him. In spite of the fact, that Mr. Blonde has a gun and can easily end life of this man, the former decided to spill gasoline all over the hostage and ignite it, making death of the latter long and painful. As one can clearly see, the amount of violence in one particular scene is tremendous if compared to mainstream movies. Indeed, in the latter, people are often killed without excessive cruelty as this is able to undermine the reputation of the studio. Contrary to that independent films have almost no restrictions on the amount of violence that they are able to provide the viewers with.
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