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Gutai art - Research Paper Example

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Gutai Art [Author] [Institution] Gutai Art The Gutai was an art movement which was started by Jiro Yoshihara in Japan in 1954. This movement included many artists of that time who worked together in a specific manner for a specific purpose. The Gutai movement held immense importance because of its new and different concepts which were brought in by its members…
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Gutai art
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"Gutai art"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, this revolutionary movement was initiated. Gutai artists produced artworks which completely revolutionized the traditional Japanese art through the convergence of ordinary materials and their own bodies1. In 1956, there was a declaration written by Yoshihara which expressed the beauty which is fascinated and raised from something after it gets damaged. However, this process was known as the process of damaging and it revealed the inner life of the material. The movement included the artwork which relied upon this manifesto and many artworks of the artists were the evidence of how the appearance of the object changed as it damaged over time. The damage and destruction was caused to the object usually in a course of centuries and it was also described as the beauty of decay. The artists of this movement had a rather different vision towards this movement. Their main aim was to create a relationship between art, body, space and time through their artwork. The revolutionary Gutai movement had started in Japan almost ten years after the World War II had ended. The roots of the Gutai movement went back to the Oriental tradition but also covered some aspects from the Western art. The Western art was, later, also influenced by the evolution of the Gutai movement. ...
Yoshihara had also declared that the liberal position of the people was however the most important message which was conveyed through this art movement2. The people who were living in the Japanese chaotic and desperate society at that time were the group of people who were focused in this movement. The artists believed that the liberal position of these people is very important because freedom is a major source for human development. Through the artwork promoted by this movement, the position of the people was described as free. Thus, the artists of the Gutai movement were together to uncover the realities of the society in order to overcome the intense situation. As described by the artists and seen in the artwork, the features of the movement had emerged from the concepts of portraying the relationship between the materials and the artist’s body. The most influencing type of art which was presented by this movement was the performance art because it expressed many of the messages using newest techniques. In the initial years, the movement had received great attention from the European world but eventually the art lost its importance. The Gutai movement had become less influencing by the 2000’s, was criticized and looked over. The Western art did not find it an influencing movement but later it was influenced and understood its importance. The traces of Gutai ideas and expressions are seen in the western art as they were accepted with appreciation and praise. The main characteristic and important feature of the Gutai movement was the contribution of the artists. These artists had worked together to give a new face to the world of art. They created a unique combination of totally opposite aspects which were experimentation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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