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Global Environment of Business. The Saudi Stock Market (2009-2011) - Research Paper Example

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Global Environment of Business II MBA 535 Final Paper The Saudi Stock Market (2009 -2011) Name: Instructor: Date: December 29, 2012 Abstract Stock market is among the most important indicator of the economy and Saudi Stock Market Tadawul holds importance for multiple factors…
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Global Environment of Business. The Saudi Stock Market (2009-2011)
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Download file to see previous pages Factors such composition of sectors; investors as well as regulations also have dominant impact on the performance along-with world indices impact. Moreover, being in infancy stage the research as also made certain recommendations based on the research conclusions. TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Background To The Problem 5 Role And Importance Of Stock Market 5 Importance Of Saudi Stock Market 5 Origin And Growth 6 History 6 Regulator 6 Tadawul (The Saudi Stock Exchange) 6 Current Statistics In Comparison With GCC Countries 7 Problem Statement 10 Research Objectives 10 Overview of Research Methods 11 Analysis and Findings 12 Performance Of Tadawul 12 Overall Performance Of Tadawal 12 The Collapses And The Peaks In TASI 14 Analysis Of 2011 16 Factors 17 Oil Prices 17 Investors Composition 17 Regulation 18 Comparison With Other International Markets 18 Conclusion 20 Recommendations 21 Limitation to the Research Study 22 Limitations in the research study can greatly influence the findings and analysis of the research. Therefore it is significant for the researcher to identify and comprehend the limitations of the research. This research study also has some limitations and these limitations can influence the findings of the research study. ...
In addition to this, if the researcher had collected primary data and used it to analyse the findings then it would have further improved the findings of the research study. So, these limitations have influenced the findings of the research study. 22 Background To The Problem Role And Importance Of Stock Market Stock market is considered as the main component of every economy for playing multi facet role. On one hand, stock markets are reflective of economic condition in terms of growth or otherwise; while on the other hand, stock markets contribute to the economic growth with attracting local and foreign investments. Stock markets are also important as they provide an important fund raising avenue to corporate; ensuring the prices of stocks based on their value while leading profitable companies to generate considerable returns (Lamin, 1997). Hence, indentifying and understanding the factors affecting stock market are of immense importance in understanding the current economic state as well as making prediction about future economic prospect of stock market and hence the country. Importance Of Saudi Stock Market Economic status of Saudi Arabia has been regarded as unknown to global financial crises that hit the world in the recent past. This aspect of the strengthened economy has been attributed to the many factors such as increased public investment by government etc. Hence attracted attentions to explore the various components of economy and stock market being one of them and hence, making it an important avenue to explore. It is also important to explore for the fact that Saudi Stock market is the biggest market based on market capitalization among GCC ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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