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Theoretical analysis & Critical design - Essay Example

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Theoretical analysis & Critical design: Taste and Design Essay paper Insert Date 3656 Words Insert Insert Institution Introduction This article will look analyse the theoretical analysis of taste and design. Taste and design will be used to analyse how it auger well with a museum…
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Theoretical analysis & Critical design
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Download file to see previous pages It will argue on the various natures of museums architectural features and whether the status as being an art or artefacts is influenced by taste and designs. Much emphasis will be placed on the museums external features than internal. This will enable the articles point of view to have depth. The museums that will be studied are those that have pre-purpose built features that represent the museums, not the ones that are used in the room somewhere. This will enable the article to bring taste and designs that aerated and the objectives of this study to light. Museum is an architectural design of its own; with a rich past and typology of its own. The working together of the different aspect of museums architectural designs bring out the overall taste that describes the museum.1 The symbioses of all this activities shore-up the museums image, as a representation of art in that area. It may not come as a surprise as the two most essential modern works of museum theory, practice and criticism talk about an architectural image. This book titles Andre Malraux, the museum without walls and Douglas Crimps Un the museum, ruins refer to the opening of museum wrapper, the breaking down of the museums integrity.2 These two books summed the state of museum architecture in the modern era; they represent an attempt to try and break through the boundaries that try to separate the building from existence in terms class and ethic make up. The desire to breakdown the museum architectural fortifications were either literally or figuratively. It represents an indication to inhere the architectural designs of museums around the world, to render its boundaries nonexistent and hence, open the museum to the free flow of activities. The edges of the museums thus represent seclusion from the world’s reality and activities, the walls of the museums. Sign of the walls of museums is both are both it official expression and interface between the museum and the world. The internal parts of the museum are where the works of arts hang. The walls of museum act as a representation of the world. They act as protection between the physical world internal worlds.3 The design of the walls is an expression of how the museums walls are made to keep us out while keeps its rich heritage inside the walls. Museum is not just a place where items are displayed but also as a full sense of marvellous construction in the world. The museum is a representation old strong foundation. Museums that are a have survived the test of time are a description of what is the strength. Considering that most museums were made decades ago, and they still maintain the old structures, when museums address themselves in matters of taste they are faced with a dilemma, of what is historical fact affecting their taste right now. When describing the taste of a building whether people define it as being value free, or non partisan, or whether endorsing or contesting a particular pattern of preference this shows that preference can be relative and absolute depending from your point of view. Taste becomes relative when it shows that a museums taste is just a symbolic description of what is valid to people at a certain time.4 When the structures of people’s language are considered then taste becomes absolute. People can describe a refurbished museum space to either be good, better or the best. When ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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