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The Relationship between the BBC and Public Broadcasting Corporation and the Commercial Sectors - Essay Example

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First, before going into BBC’s relationship as a public broadcasting corporation with the commercial sectors, it is helpful to identify first what is meant by public service broadcasting…
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The Relationship between the BBC and Public Broadcasting Corporation and the Commercial Sectors
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Extract of sample "The Relationship between the BBC and Public Broadcasting Corporation and the Commercial Sectors"

Download file to see previous pages First, before going into BBC’s relationship as a public broadcasting corporation with the commercial sectors, it is helpful to identify first what is meant by public service broadcasting. The Communications Act 2003 (CA 2003) sets a duty on the Office of Communications (Ofcom) to obtain accessibility of a broad range of both “television and radio services” all over the United Kingdom that is of high quality and considered to draw diverse “tastes and interests” (Communications Act 2003 s. 264); and to keep an adequate number of providers for various “television and radio services” (Ridgway 48). While the Communications Act has not defined what comprises “public service programming”, the Office of Communications (“Ofcom”) characterized this kind of programming by setting forth “its purposes and characteristics.”  Ridgway in his article “All change for public service broadcasting in the UK?” enumerates the following purposes and characteristics of public service broadcasting: Purposes: • Informing our understanding of the world --to inform ourselves and others, and to increase our understanding of the world through news, information and analysis of current events and ideas.Stimulating knowledge and learning --to stimulate our interest in and knowledge of arts, science, history and other topics, through content that is accessible and can encourage informal learning. • Reflecting UK cultural identity --to reflect and strengthen our cultural identity through original programming in the United Kingdom, at both national and regional levels, on occasion bringing audiences together for shared experiences. • Representing diversity and alternative viewpoints --to make us aware of different cultures and alternative viewpoints through programmes that reflect the lives of other people and other communities, both within the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Characteristics: • High quality --well funded and well produced. • Original --new UK content rather than repeats or acquisitions. • Innovative --breaking new ideas or reinventing exciting approaches, rather than copying old ones. • Challenging --making viewers think. • Engaging --remaining accessible and attractive to viewers. • Widely available --if content is publicly funded, a large majority of citizens need the chance to watch it. (48) McGonagle on the other hand, defines public service broadcasting (PSB) as those broadcasted TV programs which are for the benefit of the public instead of solely for commercial ends (235). These programs consist of “local news coverage, arts programs, religious broadcasts, and augmented broadcasts featuring (for example) subtitling, visual signing and audio description” (McGonagle 235). It may also include “original drama, documentaries and children's programming” (Ridgway 49). A particular quota on “public service broadcasts” is also required in their “license to broadcast,” in accordance with Ofcom’s regulations (Ridgway 49). The objectives on the other hand for the so-called “plural public service broadcast provision” are the following: “Sources of high quality impartial news at local, regional as well as national level, including the nations as well as the United Kingdom as a whole;” high level “original British content”; a broad range of both “voices and talent from across the whole United Kingdom,” to guarantee “continuation and development of creative talent clusters in the regions and nations,” currently assured “through regional production quotas on some public service broadcasters”; “guaranteed levels of investment in independent production” in order to ensure the supply of “the best creative ideas and the healthy development of this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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