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The History of Film Style. Narrative Structure and Cinematic Style - Essay Example

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Narrative Structure and Cinematic Style.
Classical Hollywood and Art Film cinema are two most important aspects of Hollywood cinema that have developed over past few years leading Hollywood up to the ladder of success in diversified forms of films. …
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The History of Film Style. Narrative Structure and Cinematic Style
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Extract of sample "The History of Film Style. Narrative Structure and Cinematic Style"

Download file to see previous pages Classical Hollywood Cinematic style was developed in 1917 to 1960 and this style became popular due to international dominance of Hollywood films. Classical Hollywood Cinematic style has attained popularity at the global mainly due to unified driving force behind called as motivational convention. The period in which classical Hollywood films got famous is known as “Golden age of Hollywood” (Jewell 2007). After Golden age of Hollywood, innumerable films have been produced that have gained popularity at the global level, one of which is seven awards winning recent film entitled as "Lantana". Along with the rise of Classical Hollywood films attention of film professionals also diverted towards arts films during 1960s. Art films involve reflection of high cultural and educational values. These films focus on the authorial expressivity of the director on actions and perceptions of characters. In both types of cinematic work, innovative techniques or styles are used for the development and exploration of new ideas (Jewell 2007). This paper aims to evaluate narrative styles and cinematic techniques of Classical and Art films of Hollywood. Also, most importantly the influence of these styles on New Hollywood and New Australian film directors with reference to an Australian film Lantana (2001) by Ray Lawrence. It is an Australian film that won seven awards and popularity all over the world. In this film, some most prominent traditional stylistics and narrative techniques of classical and art films era have been adopted. The term classic flickers some timeless, great, old, black and white films on our mind screens and these are true stereotypes. However, there are some traditional styles, modes of representation and techniques, which are used to make classical films to awe-inspiring in quality. In almost all classical films an element of “auteurism” has been observed, which implies that the vision and viewpoint of the director should be clearly reflect in the film (D. Bordwell 1997). A touch of auteurism has been clearly reflected in the film Lantana (2001) by Ray Lawrence. This touch was noticed with the intensity and analysis of a complex series of relationships in suburban Sydney, and the mysterious crime scenes. In art film cinema different films such as auteur films are presented that clearly depicts viewpoints and perceptions of directors like Classical Hollywood films. An element of "auteurism" was prioritized in both classical and art films of Hollywood. Thus, it is noteworthy here that the new directors have also adopted theory of auteurism in their films that clearly reflects thoughts and ideas of a director. For instance, Lantana movie critics have claimed that the way whole movie has been designed and produced reflects upon the personality analysis of Lawrence, and it can be explicitly observed the way he presented emotional bonds in the film are his own perspectives. Also, film literature has evidenced that the film Picnic at Hanging Rock released in 1975 was based on the Joan Landsey book related to unpredictable disappearance of a schoolgirls. Scholars have written that this was a sharp you turn in the development of Australian cinema, as it was the first quality film in which the theory of Auteurism was applied and as a result Weir became the first director to reflect inferiority of Australian culture (Weir 1975). Radical techniques have been employed to create a sense of profound thoughts through photography, which ensured that photography focus everything in shot and implementation of a “Mise-en-Scene” stylistic technique allow viewers observe deeply. While using this stylistic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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