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Research in Practice - Essay Example

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Research in Practice Research in practice in theatre begins from a collaborative exploration of various developments that have occurred recently in theatre and it mainly focuses on practice based research as well as the work of a specific artist or a group of artists…
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Research in Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Individuals can access knowledge which helps in communication and reflection. Research in practice also leads to development of new information about devising processes and procedures that may make great contributions in theatre and also assist other theatre artists, pedagogues and scholars. Art is not only regarded as a means of communication but also of processing, gathering and identifying new knowledge (Beauchamp, 2010 p 3). This concept has led to the development of a new method of research where by the issues faced in theatre and artistic practice are investigated using methods that have been developed in the boundaries of the practice itself. This has made art to develop into a point of departure and it is no longer regarded as an object of research only. Development of theatre research in practice has led to a growing interest in tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge is identified as knowledge of an artist which can be seen in skills and unformulated knowledge that emerge from the work of an artist. Research in practice is especially applied in arts practice in academic settings and it entails a wide category of research activities. Research in practice is carried out with the aim of achieving an arts related output, a research process which is entirely framed as an artistic practice or an arts project as an element of a research process drawing on various methods of research (Arlander, 2009 p 15). Research may usually begin or end in a form of arts practice. It may also draw on various art practices as a part of the process of research or may even be integrated as a whole into the changing forms and outputs of an art project. Practices of art incorporate various creative methodologies that may be used in different disciplines of research projects as methodological innovations therefore coming up with new information and providing new perspectives on the available knowledge. Research in practice will also make use of a different kind of knowledge practice therefore improving the creativity of artists and other individuals in art practices. Research in practice enables individuals to understand processes, functions and roles that various practices play in the field of art. An understanding of the cultural, political as well as philosophical practices will enable individuals to explore art through practice. Practicing art is an important way through which individuals can understand art and other forms of cultural practices in different countries. The process of making art plays a huge role in generating new ideas and perspectives that will enable in understanding of a wide range of cultural and social phenomena which involves community, narrative, identity, space, transformation, time as well as testimony. Research in practice therefore privileges action as an important aspect of learning and developing new knowledge. In theatre, research in practice usually involves various artist researchers who explore, test and also spread different creative methodologies in different contexts. This makes it possible to explore how different interventions relate with each other. Research in practice can therefore be said to be a creative intervention of understanding the world. Artistic research has various effects on individuals as it may change their views and perspectives regarding important aspects about art. Research in practice is identified as a term that was developed to describe knowledge production that originates from the concerns of different artists. Artistic research ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research in Practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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