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An Aspect of an Anesthesia Practice Drawn from a Patients Journey - Assignment Example

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The objective of this assignment is to analyze a phase of anesthesia within perioperative practice surrounding a critical incident during a patient’s journey through anesthesia. The critical incident involved a patient who while under spinal anesthesia became suddenly very unwell.  …
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An Aspect of an Anesthesia Practice Drawn from a Patients Journey
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Download file to see previous pages The patient will be referred to as "the patient" throughout this assignment. I intend to utilize Driscoll’s (2000) model of reflection (appendix 1) to discuss and analyze my role within perioperative practice and management of this emergency situation. This model provides a structured framework of three main elements with keys questions. According to Driscoll & The (2001:95) reflection helps practitioners to make more sense of difficult and complex practice.
The first step in the Driscoll’s model is “What”, “returning to the situation”. This critical incident occurred in a 68-year-old patient for elective hip replacement, on the orthopedic list, scheduled for spinal anesthetic with sedation. This was the last operating theatre operating late in the evening, this was the last case; therefore the department was quiet with only one team working. I was the senior practitioner on that shift. I accompanied the consultant anesthetist on the preoperative ward round. According to Wicker & O’Neill (2006), the anesthetic practitioners role begins prior to the patient entering operating theatres and suggests the advantages of preoperative visiting helps to gain information to plan the patient’s care.
As part of my role prior to the commencement of the orthopedic operating list was to set up the equipment myself with a check on the operating room environment, full drugs check, anticipating any emergency (Chambers et al. 2002: 272). All the necessary checks on monitoring and equipment were performed and documented in accordance with (The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland 2004) (AAGBI) guidelines. Controlled drugs and all cupboard medication were checked in line with local policies, pharmacy “A-Z medicines required for theatre stock protocol”.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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