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General anesthesia and day-case patient anxiety by M.Mitchell - Essay Example

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This research was carried out for purposes of uncovering aspects that provoke general anaesthesia as well as determine viable interventions that may be used to alleviate the condition.General anaesthesia has been cited as a condition that provokes anxiety…
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General anesthesia and day-case patient anxiety by M.Mitchell
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Download file to see previous pages General anaesthesia has been cited as a condition that provokes anxiety. Indeed, with constrained formal anxiety management, brief hospital stays acute psychological consequences of day surgery, and inadequate contact with healthcare professionals the study indicates that anxiety may increase. During the study questionnaire were given to adult patients who were undergoing surgery. This study was done between the years 2005-2007. The questionnaire examined anxiety relating to general anaesthesia, hospital personnel, and the environment. The findings of the study indicate that 85% of the total respondents did in fact experience anxiety during the day of surgery. The aspects that highly provoked this anxiety as they indicated were concerns about unconsciousness and immediate preoperative experiences. The central features were identified using factor analysis such as Imminence of Surgery, Anaesthetic Catastrophising, Preoperative Anaesthetic Information, Final Support, Personal Support, Final Preoperative Experiences, and Possible Adverse Events (Stirling 2006). The study finally concludes that availing information about management of anaesthesia may help to dispel misconceptions about general anaesthesia and also assist in alleviating anxiety in patients. A Critical appraisal of the article The Introduction  In the research carried out about anaesthesis, by Mitchell (2010), and published in a journal of Advanced Nursing 66(5), 1059–1071. There is a clear statement about the topic being investigated. The research aims at investigating the ggeneral anesthesia and day-case patient anxiety. In a statement about the topic, the research espouses that general anesthesia has been shown to provoke high anxiety. Yet, with the increase in the elective day surgery, and brief hospital stay the patients do not get enough professional health care. Thus, in the absence of formal management of anxiety the patients develop psychological problems of the day surgery. The rational of the research is to uncover what it terms as the anxiety provoking characteristic of general anesthesia as well as evaluate the viable interventions that could be applied to take the edge off such anxiety (Mitchell 2010). The research indicates that from a theory test of descriptive statistics about 85 per cent of contributor indicated that the day surgery provoked anxiety. As such, it is the contention of the research that the existence of such an alarming percentage is a clear indication of the need for improved professional management of anxiety preceding day surgery. The general anaesthesia according to the research is the very vital apiece of knowledge to the patients even though it is only a about 33% of them who have faith that such information is adequate to prepare them for the day surgery. There are several limitations of the present study by Mitchell on the general anesthesia and day-case patient anxiety which are worth noting. According to the research there were limitations associated with the differing procedures of surgery carried out coupled with the use of patients self reported questionnaires. The research acknowledges the fact that one of the limitation of the research was that the participants went through a number of surgical procedures yet, only a few of those who underwent the surgical procedures went through a medical investigation. This kind of procedure could have influenced the data collected. Another imitation of the study was the use of self reported questionnaires which were answered by patients after they hand underwent surgery. Consequently, the perception of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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