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Chaplins Silent Movies - Essay Example

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The film industry has developed to depict growth in the genre of the film produced using variable themes to inspire plot development. The leading film producers in Hollywood have all applied a similar trend in the completion of the finalized pieces to accord a high quality finish…
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Chaplins Silent Movies
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Download file to see previous pages The cinema industry has developed from silent movie to the higher level audio projection noticed in the modern movie industry. Characters have manipulated this provision to accord the movie production an identity that is projected to the society. Famous actors and performers have been associated with the existing technological development found within a given movie setting. Charlie Chaplin had been identified with the comedy genre and his performance on the silent movie theme accorded the production an identity. He had managed to revolutionize the technology evident during his time to develop movies that attracted audience based on the performance (Milton 1996, p86). The result meant that the audience was capable of identifying his movies with a similar theme from the actor. Chaplin presented multiple talents in not only producing the comedy theme during the silent movie period, but also served as an outstanding actor. Chaplin managed to revolutionize the silent film era through presenting a unique style in the completion of his film creation.Chaplin movies had made him popular at the time when sound had been the absent entity within the development of film production. Chaplin had been remarkable and created an identity among the audience to relate to a style that had not been developed by other actors. Without sound, comedy had been the most difficult entity to achieve, but Chaplin managed to create a style that applied visual effects to present humor. The most noticed provision applied in his style was in the image he had created of himself. The stage presentation was unique to be familiar among his fans. He humored audiences with the antics he had created with the package of a bowler hat and the combination of a baggy trouser. Chaplin also developed an outstanding moustache with an expressive cane, mostly applying visual humor to move the fans. The development that Chaplin presented to the film had included positive reforms and application of creativity to relay a massage. His style had been influenced with the ability to communicate with the audience without speech application. Chaplin had initially been a musician and had developed his acting career based on the desire to revolutionize his lifestyle. Under Mack Sennet, Chaplin developed his acting career to become a successful comedian while making short films. By 1920, he had managed to progress into developing films that held more content and time to deliver prosperity in his career. With his talent, Chaplin had founded the United Artists to produce affordable films completing the details personally with his talent. He had been a producer, writer and an actor who sought inspiration from the former comedian Max Linder who had applied a similar style. He managed to successfully incorporate the style within his movie creation to personalize the theme and accord an identity form that had appealed to his audience. Chaplin had created his films based on presented this and experience accorded from childhood experiences. Chaplin had grown up in poverty from an irresponsible father and a mentally challenged mother. These conditions had limited his progress with the threat posed on the success towards societal development. He had ventured into the film creation industry with the motive of delivering success in his personal lifestyle. Moreover, Chaplin had been a performer, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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