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Process, Context, Framework and Production Elements Analysis on the Documentary Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore - Term Paper Example

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This section analyzes the functions of the documentary. The purpose of the production is to describe and to criticize capitalism. On the one hand, it gives a denotative definition of capitalism as a means of making profit and it will be discussed in this paper…
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Process, Context, Framework and Production Elements Analysis on the Documentary Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore
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"Process, Context, Framework and Production Elements Analysis on the Documentary Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore"

Download file to see previous pages Moore wants people to receive information that would not have been found in mainstream media that corporations and banks control. The production wants to antagonize the people into action. It wants people to feel angry, sad, and unable to accept this kind of reality, a reality that is filled with people losing their jobs, sources of incomes, and properties, because companies and governments worked together to find better ways of making more money. For instance, if GM thinks that laying off people by the thousands will help it make more money, then that is the way it will pursue. Moore desires for people to be critical of the capitalist system’s profit motive. The film shows that there is nothing wrong with making some profit, but to make billions off the backs of displaced or un-unionized workers and evicted homeowners is not just. This makes capitalism wrong, as it focuses on making astronomical profits only on the short-run, without respecting the basic rights to life, liberty, and happiness of its workers or employees. The production has multiple functions and they are: 1) to educate the people about the conflicting strengths and weaknesses of capitalism, 2) to argue for the need of popular uprising against capitalist excesses, and 3) to find a way of changing the disadvantages of the current capitalist system. The latent function is that it somehow tells the people to not use violent means of resisting and changing the system, and yet showing guns and other weapons seems to indicate that civil unrest may be a potent means of achieving a more just economic system for the underprivileged sectors of society. The false function is that it appreciates the contributions of capitalism to...
This report approves that Moore argues that the capitalist system is not a just system. Through a series of montage shots, interviews, and self testimonials, the film describes capitalism’s characteristics and criticizes its outcomes. It is a film that reacts to and criticizes the global financial crisis. It contends that capitalism can be seen as the root of the global financial recession and widespread poverty in America. It recommends that democracy can help the disadvantaged sectors of society regain basic human rights to life, liberty, and happiness.
This paper makes a conclusion that combinations of black and white and colored scenes are shown in the introduction where the ancient Rome clip was used and compared with modern society. The goal is to show the similarities between Rome and capitalist society, where greed, slavery, and exploitation are rampant. Colored scenes are mostly used for modern happenings, such as the boarding up of the house of a man who has lived in Detroit, Michigan for 41 years. The color enhances the reality of the state’s demolition of its citizens’ fundamental rights to life, which includes rights to shelter and protection of one’s home. When the film uses an old video clip that discusses capitalism as giving the “highest standards in the world,” it has a non-diegetic comedic sound that trivializes this idea that capitalism is good. The black and white color of this part ensures that these are traditional or old beliefs that modern conditions cannot support anymore. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Process, Context, Framework and Production Elements Analysis on the Documentary Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore" is quite popular among the assignments in high school. Still, this document opens a fresh perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the manner for my own example.
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