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Do violent video games/films contribute to youth violence - Dissertation Example

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Do Violent Video Games and Films Cause Youth Violence? – A Report by Your name Details Date Abstract The inception of video games and mass media introduced new forms of entertainment for the masses. As the entertainment industry advanced, the media increasingly felt the demand for thrilling, adventurous and often violent content…
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Do violent video games/films contribute to youth violence
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Extract of sample "Do violent video games/films contribute to youth violence"

Download file to see previous pages Innumerable studies have ever since investigated the claim. However, their findings suggest mixed results. The present study reviewed previously published studies and statistical data on the subject to ascertain whether violent video games and films actually cause youth violence. However, an analysis of previous research and available statistical data reveals contradictory results. Therefore, the causal link between violence in media and video games and violence in youth has not yet been established. The limitations of the present study and recommendations for future research have also been discussed. Future studies that investigate whether aggression induced by violent media actually leads to real-life violence are warranted. Furthermore, long-term longitudinal studies are required for more conclusive results. Statistical data on gang culture and youth violence, and the actual exposure to media violence need to be compiled for a better investigative approach. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Chapter I 5 Introduction 5 Aims of the Present Study 8 Conclusion 8 Chapter II 10 Literature Review 10 Violence in Television Programmes, Films and Video Games 10 Short-Term and Long Term Effects of Exposure to Violent Media and Gaming 11 Factors that Moderate the Influence of Media 12 Studies on Media & Video Game Violence 13 Conclusion 14 It is seen that games and movies with violent content have a higher reception and audience than those that deal with other genres. Enhanced graphics depicting blood and gore and themes based on violence and aggression have been used as marketing tools by the gaming industry to lure in gamers. Exposure to violence in media and video games is shown to have both short-term effects such as priming, arousal and mimicry, and long-term effects such as desensitization. Many other factors including the viewer's or gamer's characteristics, social environment and media content are found to influence the effect of media violence. Studies investigating the causal relationship between media violence and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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