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On Artist Ai WeiWei - Research Paper Example

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“ Ai WeiWei, slave of the west” and “Ai WeiWei, a sufferer of Exhibitionism” are just a few barbaric titles of the many articles published on a website that covers extensive criticism on the Chinese artist Ai WeiWei…
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Research Paper on Artist Ai WeiWei
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Download file to see previous pages The website, took on the form of Wikipedia introduces individual under different categories. Ai WeiWei’s page also has sections each discloses different information about him; however, all descriptions are negative, violent and written with diminutive words. Moreover, at the bottom of the page, instead of a list of references is a long list of links to more unfavorable articles written about him. In contradiction to the assaulting websites, Ai’s Twitter has numerous Chinese followers voicing out their supports to the controversial artist. Although his domestic supporters appear to be in big number as the amount of donation to his tax bill rises high within a short period of time; his Chinese followers are as a matter of fact scarce when compared to the entire Chinese population. Unquestionably, it is inevitable for every public figure to attract people who oppose him or her; however, Ai’s publicity is drastically a polarized one. . Ai WeiWei, the Chinese celebrity artist is possibly the most well known living Chinese artist on an international scale, while his fame is positive to most westerners and some Chinese audiences, his role as a dissident displeases his government and a great populace that still live up to the ideology of the Communist Party of China; the traces that lead to the contradiction of the differences in opinion between his Chinese onlookers can be found through the examination of the making, product and aftermath of the artwork Fairytale. Ever since I can remember, I saw my father living without freedom. Realizing that after I had grown up, I am still living a life without freedom is terrifying. The artist Ai WeiWei’s life story is one that has been repeated and well exposed to his international audiences. In Ai’s case, his background is destined to be the center of attention to his Chinese viewers. Moreover, his background is the precept to acknowledging the propaganda behind his artworks. It is also impossible to omit the introduction of his father, as his biography is one that bears the process of what became today’s China. Ai Qing, a representational figure of the Chinese Red Poet was born to a wealthy landlord in the Zhe-Jiang province during Nationalist China. Due to his resourceful background and flexible politic, he was able to study art and later went to France. As the Communist party came into power, Ai was at first praised but soon misread as a pro-rightist figure and forced to be send to labor camp in Xin-Jiang, a remote province that borders Russia, Mongolia and many other countries in the dry and desolate region. Ai’s unfortunate encounter with Communist China was not a unique one. As soon as Mao came to power, the Chinese people were under strong censorship […] Ai WeiWei was raised under harsh conditions until he was nineteen when the family was finally granted the permission to move back to Beijing. Ai WeiWei’s acrid upbringing did not extinguish his passion for art. After his return to Beijing he was enrolled in the Beijing Film Academy and later traveled to the U.S. where he once attended The Parsons School of Design. Living in New York with an energetic life style, the artist was nourished with the freedom of the country and actively participated and witnessed major art movements and protest events. “Thank the Motherland, Thank the Party ” is the phrase a Chinese person must say upon his or her receiving of an honor. If an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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