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The Bucket List movie - Essay Example

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 “The Bucket List” is a great example of how every person should ideally spend the rest of their lifetime. It has so much to relate to Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory, specifically related to the last stage of human’s psychosocial development which is integrity vs. despair…
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The Bucket List movie
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that when a person reaches the final stage of his life, which according to Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory called Integrity versus Despair, the person starts to reminisce or recall the things that have happened to his or her life in the past. The person tries to reflect back on the accomplishments or the disappointments on his life. These retrospections create different angles of impressions toward the person whether integrity or bitterness, felicity or sorrow and so on and so forth. We say integrity because he was able to fulfil his life’s purpose and was able to spend his lifetime with manifold accomplishments and bitterness in a sense that the person failed to undertake the enterprises that he thought he would have done in the past. Seen this way, he or she develops two senses toward these reflections – contentment and disappointment. In the movie “The Bucket List”, it was clearly evoked the nature of human beings as they reach the final stage of their lives, especially on this case, the characters were facing a possible doom due to lung cancer. Erikson predicated that when we become old, we start to become dormant or unproductive and instead, we start to strive for enjoyment by spending the rest of our lives travelling and visiting those places we have never visited before, eating the foods we never had the chance to eat before or just simply doing the things that we never experienced.       In the following passages, I will cite some scenes on the movies and relate them to Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory. As conveyed in the movie, both Carter and Edward were already senior citizens and both of them were lung cancer patients. Carter was black and broke and he was very thin due to his disease. Edward, on the other hand, was an opulent hospital mogul who was confined in treatment facility wherein he shared the same room with Carter. Both of them had unresolved conflicts during the earlier stages of their lives. Carter was not able to fulfil his childhood dreams of becoming a historian while Edward had a very miserable, forlorn life after he was disheartened by the repudiation of her daughter. First scene: As we can recall, Carter wrote a “bucket list” and there listed the things that he wish to do before he dies but he discarded it after learning that he only had 6 more months to live. If we cogitate on this scene, it suggested a sense of Wisdom and acceptance. I say Wisdom and acceptance because he had become brave enough to accept that his death was very near. It also suggested that he accepted accountability of all his past actions and was willing to spend the rest of his days in a more significant way: to be able to help. Second scene: Carter went home to his wife and children and there he had wonderful time with his family. Carter had changed his view about his death. He started to appreciate all of the things that happened to him like the establishment of his family. He became a man of integrity and that he felt at least he was a good husband, a father and a grandfather after all when 3 he was not able to fulfil his childhood dream and did not make any improvement on his job as a mechanic. It shows that when a certain person faces his doom, he becomes more valiant. Another scene would be when Edward reconciled with his daughter. In this context, he attempted to reverse the events that had occurred between him and his daughter. He knew that they had conflict and it was part of his bitter past. There was an attempt to align the derailed relationship of Edward and his daughter which aimed for a more meaningful and mirthful life contrary to what he had in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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