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Tourism Development Planning: Silver Resort - Business Plan Example

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The focus of this paper “Tourism Development Planning: Silver Resort” is on the effects that Silver Resort in Slovakia may bring to the community if it is expanded, it would be prudent to note that both the central and local governments in Slovakia are eager to increase the number of tourists…
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Tourism Development Planning: Silver Resort
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Extract of sample "Tourism Development Planning: Silver Resort"

Download file to see previous pages However, they are concerned about the effects it might bring to the community as a result of which the British Tourist Authority was requested to assist with the production of a sustainable tourism development plan for the region.
Destination planning involves setting goals and objectives for the industry, understanding present market conditions and trends, recognizing issues and possible constraints, creating opportunities, identifying alternatives and recommending actions1. When done well, it should lead to the time and better development of suitable projects and superior tourism services.
Tourism planning at Silver Resort is aimed to promote the orderly development of the industry and superior tourism service. Destination communities are basic elements of modern tourism. As a superior tourism service, there are factors that warrant analysis. This includes four principal issues that need to be addressed in any analysis aid or as development assistance2: (i) volume, or amount given, or terms and conditions; (iii) tying, or extent of use; and (iv) allocation, or geographical distribution.
On the issue of volume, this requires analysis if the resort needs financial assistance for expansion or redevelopment purposes. If it does, the amount of aid should be sufficient to finance an expansion to accommodate more guests, as in the case of Silver Resort. Concessionality must also be addressed because the nominal value, as well as the face value of the loan, has to be studied when reviewing the terms and conditions of the loan. The extent of use or tying is also an important issue to be analyzed. As in franchises, tying can enhance efficiency by increasing standardization and reducing monitoring costs, or it can be used with market power for price discrimination. It may, however, be different in the resort industry. Geographical distribution or allocation is a similarly important issue. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tourism Development Planning: Silver Resort Business Plan.
“Tourism Development Planning: Silver Resort Business Plan”.
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