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Destination Alliances - Article Example

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This article talks about the alliances - market strategies whereby two or more organization join to share marketing strategies or to promote concepts, services, or products. Alliance marketing is suitable for any business as long it finds an organization that shares mutual goals…
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Destination Alliances
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Extract of sample "Destination Alliances"

Destination Alliances Destination Alliances Alliances are market strategies whereby two or more organization join to share marketing strategies or to promote concepts, services, or products. Alliance marketing is suitable for any business as long it finds an organization that share mutual goals. Alliances are not that different from joint ventures, however in alliances a new firm or brand is not created. There are five types of alliances and one of them is destination alliances. It’s whereby the tourism industry merges marketing resources to promote their location or destination to tourism.
A destination marketing organization (DMO) or convention and visitors bureau (CVB) is an organization that supports a town, city, region or country with the aim of increasing the number of visitors (Joy Lin 2014). DMO and CVB also promotes the development or markets a destination through convention sales, tourism marketing and services. Apart from targeting a high number of visitors, DMO and CVB also targets increase of business travelers which brings about overnight lodging for a destination, shopping revenues and visits to restaurants. These organization are funded by the country’s taxes. Convention and visitors bureau are considered to be the most important tourism marketing organizations in their respective tourist destination.
Philadelphia is referred as the world heritage city in the United States of America. It is a home to many national historical sites related to the foundation of the United States and it is among the 22 UNESCO World heritage sites. It is in Philadelphia courageous visionaries crafted the modern day democracy. It harbors the independence hall, the liberty bell, the first and second bank of USA, the president house where George Washington and John Adams spent most of their presidencies before white house in Washington DC was built and many others (Discover PHL 2015). Philadelphia is the second most populous city in USA and it is conveniently located on the northern United States. It has an international airport that serves more than 120 cities worldwide and has more than 1200 daily flights (Visit Philadelphia2015).Its transport is ranked as the second best among cities in the world, it is easy to access and affordable. It has picturesque friendly streets, parks, rivers, museums, restaurants, public art, shops and big malls.
Philadelphia has one convention and visitor’s bureau referred to as Philadelphia convention and visitor’s bureau (PHLCVB). The PHLCVB is a private non-profit membership co-operation, it the official tourism promotion agency for the city of Philadelphia and the primary sales and marketing agency for the Pennsylvania convention center. It competes with its rivalries worldwide for tourism and convention business. The Philadelphia convention and visitors bureau organization has created departments that deal with multicultural activities, sports and life sciences markets.
One of its objective is to increase economic impact especially job growth by increasing the Philadelphia hotel occupancy and revenues (Global Philadelphia2015). It also aims at attracting ethnically diverse regional, national and international convention and tourism clients through creative marketing, sales and communication efforts. The CVB supports Philadelphia art and entertainment, culture, historic, retail, sports and restaurant venues as a way to increase the quality of life for the United States citizens, stakeholders and visitors. The PHLCVB helps member businesses to meet tradeshow planners, international visitors, tour operators, travel agents, media, domestic group tour operators and tour leaders. It also help members to produce more businesses with the available resources for instance: scale leads, conventional calendar with names and contact information for meeting planners, numerous publication that feature their members and many more.
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