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The Tourism Industry - Essay Example

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This essay deals with the issues related to the tourism industry. According to the text, tourism refers to the temporal movement of people to external destinations beyond their work and residential places. The movement can be a visit for one day or an excursion and the activities involved in such movements…
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The Tourism Industry
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Extract of sample "The Tourism Industry"

Download file to see previous pages Urban tourism is a special kind of tourism which is linked to urban lifestyles in relation to a number of tourist activities existing in the cities. It is therefore defined as a set of established resources and activities found in a city and have been availed for the external visitors. The visitors may come with the aim of getting entertained or for business purposes or are on official duties. Other than urban tourism is a form of tourism, it is considered as a fundamental, traditional and characteristic feature of urban life. This is because most cities have changed from being places of population mobility offering tourists just a short break. They have therefore become cultural centers with relaxation and shopping places where people can meet their friends and effectively spend their free time. Tourism activities in cities differ in relation to differences in sizes, available resources and existing features for tourist attraction. The difference can also be in terms of disparity of lifestyles within the various cities. Hence urban tourism is a representation of the fascinating features of a city and resources aimed at attracting visitors and residents. The tourism activities contribute to the development of the cities and urban life.
Moreover, it is a requirement for cities to have heritage values coupled with the modern state of the art infrastructure that fully meets the needs and desires of tourists. This means there is a need for aims to be directed at developing good infrastructural services and preserving the historic centers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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