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Report on Accessible tourism and accessible market regarding visitor attections - Essay Example

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In addition the report will critically review the online training programme produced by VisitScotland and Access Statement tool. In this process, an Access Statement…
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Report on Accessible tourism and accessible market regarding visitor attections
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Download file to see previous pages me, evaluation of positive and negative aspects of building an Accessible Statement, identifying areas that worked well and recommendations for the next step
In order to address aims and objectives of the report, the group utilised a web-based data search and observation. Due to the inadequate resources and time, data was sourced was web-based and comprised; academic literature related to visitor attractions and accessible tourism
This definition ignores the quickly changing nature of consumer demand and restricts the attractions included, does not include temporary attractions such as festivals or events (Swarbrooke, 2002). A more comprehensive and broader definition is given by Walsh-Heron and Stevens (1990), where temporary attractions could be classified as visitor attractions.
Swarbrooke (2003) suggest that “visitor attractions at their most basic level they work to attract visitors to an area”. However, visitor attractions have many other pull factors, roles, functions and operate in a much broader sense Fyall et al., (2003):
From this, it can be seen that the visitor experience has many different influences unique to an individual, attraction and destination (Buhalis & Michopoulou, 2011). Therefore it can be a difficult task for tourism organisations to get this right, however a full understanding of the above will assist them (Gunn, 2002).
A tourism market that is accessible does not differ in that they want to sample what is special to the destination but need a “street-smart” technique to the ease of access of the destination to accomplish this result (Buhalis & Michopoulou, 2011: 149). An accessible destination must provide:
However, all the terms used to describe accessible tourism have similar characteristics, and tend to have the same message that promotes tourism “… accessible to all people” (Buhalis and Darcy, 2011, p. 10).
Accessibility has a large impact on society, due to the Equality Act 2010 and the number of people with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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