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Managing the Environment for Tourism and Events - Essay Example

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However, the resultant impacts of the practice are vastly controversial, hence putting to question the future of the industry in general. According to the earth summit that took place in Rio de Janeiro,…
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Managing the Environment for Tourism and Events
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Extract of sample "Managing the Environment for Tourism and Events"

Download file to see previous pages nclusion of the conference was that the tourism industry needed awareness on the negative effects, and that there was a need to promote the adoption of behaviors that were more responsible in tourism for the future, if tourism was to attain significant sustainability in the future (Moscardo, Konovalov, Murphy and McGehee, 2013).
The climatic change resulting from global warming is among the most critical challenges of environment in the 21st century practices. The scientific explanations that are widely acknowledged associate the steady rise in average earth temperatures and in the oceans to the high level of concentrated anthropogenic greenhouse gases (Shakeela, Breakey and Ruhanen, 2012). Hotel facilities and other tourism-related departments are considered as among the top consumers of energy within the commercial and service sector. Among these, waste constitutes a substantive amount of the energy use in the industry, hence the need for energy-efficiency enhancement and conservation of resources in the industry (Saufi, OBrien and Wilkins, 2014). Several studies have thus been carried out in order to establish the environmental issues within the industry with the aim of formulating the ideal industry practices for environmental sustainability.
The main aspect of responsible environmental practices is the general product or enterprise life cycle. This includes the management of the business, as well as the integration of establishment with the management of the environment (Hall, 2011). All enterprises in tourism are capable of making important contributions towards sustainable environment of practice such as through support of local products producers and offering advice to the guests concerning the making of responsible decisions on purchases (Shakeela, Breakey and Ruhanen, 2012).
Establishments have the responsibility of minimizing the energy requirements, reduce pollution of light, noise and air, as well as considering the neighborhood of the business ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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