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Challenges of Green IT - Research Paper Example

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The author of this paper states that Green IT is a concept that seeks to help sustain the future through technology and is a method that many organizations are adopting in order to help keep the world safe. Green IT helps minimize the impact of negative operations in the information technology sector…
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Challenges of Green IT
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Extract of sample "Challenges of Green IT"

Download file to see previous pages It also helps in ensuring products lifetime is efficient and helps in promoting biodegradability of products that are termed as outdated and unused. It helps in maintaining an environmentally sound place and a world that would be aiding in promoting the next generation by making the world a safer place. IT for Green is the applications for Green IT, in that there are the applications that increase the use of Green IT (Carter, 2003). The future world is one that is emerging towards a form of post-industrial capitalism. It for Green involves smart solutions, which include different levels of infrastructures such as energy grids, transport, and buildings. These are beneficial, which help in building the economy in an environmentally friendly way. Organizations should adopt Green IT because it is a change that is needed in order to help adapt into the future. Currently, the number of companies adopting the concept is rising and more are expected to join in (Keller and Gruber, 2010). Though this may be the case, there are challenges of implementing the strategy and that is what the essay is going to focus on, together with policies and strategies involved.
It is a necessity for all companies to go green because there needs to be developed and changed. Green growth policies usually highlight the issue between the environment and the economy and the challenges that face the conditions of growth. It can be identified as the best conditions for growth. Moreover, strategies for going green include reducing the consumption of energy that organizations use (Marchewka, 2015). There are certain organizations that have been able to implement these strategies for lowering energy use and production. This process can be done by using other means of energy and thus, be able to save money and also the environment. It will also enable for there to be power costs that are reduced.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Challenges of Green IT Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words)
Challenges of Green IT Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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