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Asia and tourism - Admission/Application Essay Example

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I am planning to tour the region because of its importance in the tourism industry. This will enable me visit most tourists sites in the region and learn more about them. I chose this region because I have…
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Asia and tourism
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Extract of sample "Asia and tourism"

Asia and Tourism Home Page/Introduction This article is about my anticipated travel to Thailand for a holiday. I am planning to tour the region because of its importance in the tourism industry. This will enable me visit most tourists sites in the region and learn more about them. I chose this region because I have never been there before hence wanted to find an opportunity of exploring as well as spending my holiday. I am from Saudi Arabia and believe Thailand offers the best tourists destinations that I will enjoy. I belong to the middle class.
Physical Geography
Thailand has a natural soil which is developed under coniferous forest. Thailand is covered with plantations that are favored by the weather condition. Thailand land has different soil types with top of the hills having soddy podzolic and lowland having bog podzolic.1 Similarly, soil in the city is different from that outside.2
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17 Aug 2014
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17 Aug 2014
Air in Bangkok is slowly blowing into the town from the Gulf of Thailand. Similarly, it is cool because of the humidity of climate enjoyed. Moreover, the air in Thailand is determined by seasons that are cold winters and warm to hot winters.3
Source of water used in Thailand is underground. Water is pumped from one main river namely Chao Phraya. These systems are not underground rivers, but systems located in pores of sediment layers.4 The pumped water to tanks is very healthy for drinking since the Mosvodokanal, which is a government agency monitors it for impurities.
Human Geography
Social Life
Bangkok has a conducive serene to enjoy. The city has executive amenities that are essential for enjoying life. This is enabled by the influx of seasoned tourists since it is quoted as a major tourist destination.5 The above facts make living in Thailand very expensive. Similarly, annual Mercury survey found it to be the fourth expensive town. Hence, learning, housing and healthcare makes up the expat expenses.6
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17 Aug 2014
Cultural Aspects
Thailand is blessed with many cultural events which run throughout the year. It has museums, theatres and other social events. These activities attract guests and participants worldwide to take part. Moreover, scenic walks, cultural meals, and drinks among others characterize the cultural aspect of the town.7 Over the years, the town has won other regions in terms of tourism attractions sites as well as cultural events.
Thailand is the residential town to major institutions. It is the central power for most of the ruling classes in Thailand and neighboring localities. Because of its strategic location and people working in it, it is a very influential city. Key government institutions are housed here and help in daily running of the nation.8 The institutions housed here include the home to presidency, barracks, among others. Moreover, it hosts several embassies and high commissioners offices which are representative of other nations.9
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17 Aug 2014
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17 Aug 2014
Economic Aspects
Bangkok considers itself as the commercial hub of Thailand. It has unemployed people compared to other states around. This makes it best place to offer job opportunities. Casuals in Thailand are paid 21,800 bahts every month. The city host many banks, industries hence showing potential opportunities for growth. Thailand also has hotels and other tourist attraction sites which are important.10
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Enters, T., 1995. The economics of land degradation and resource conservation in northern Thailand. Counting the costs: economic growth and environmental change in Thailand, pp.90--110.
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Asia and Tourism Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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