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However, the increasing growth of tourism across the world is sustaining the growth of global slave industry. The high demand for…
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Child Sex Tourism Child Sex Tourism Tourism is one of contributors to the growth of the economy and most countries such as Thailand, South Africa and Brazil rely on this industry. However, the increasing growth of tourism across the world is sustaining the growth of global slave industry. The high demand for cheap labor and easily accessible international borders by tourists and immigrants is causing an alarming child trafficking and sex tourism. The erosion of social ethics, lack of morals, and increased poverty in the society is putting the life of children in danger, especially in Thailand and Kenya.
According to UNWTO and UNICEF, it is a crime, and a violation of human and child rights for a tourist to engage in sexual relation to a minor. Therefore, the tourism industry needs to provide extensive education to all stakeholders in an effort to stop the child sex tourism and make a difference. The tourism industry should educate tourists, tour operators, hotel managers and other tourism components on how to mitigate and end sex trafficking. The stakeholders should be able to know how to identify the occurrence of any child sex trafficking and what to do to manage and diffuse the situation. Moreover, the governments should establish and implement regulation and rules in an effort to stop these vices and impose stiff penalties for those violating the rules. In this view, child exploitation in Thailand and Kenya can only be controlled by the presence of anti-child sex education and enforcement of rules by the government.
In regard to this article, most girls participate in sex trafficking due to high levels of poverty. Therefore, the governments of the affected countries should focus on job creation for its citizens. With jobs in place, people will recover their lost morals and ethics, and cease from allowing their children to participate in this ordeal. Also, parents will be able to take female children to school rather than having them participate in sex trafficking to earn a living. A change can emerge with the way tourism is being conducted if these countries focus fully on developing the economy, create jobs for all its citizens and ensure families have the ability to cater for their families. Ample
Another way to make a difference in these affected countries is to raise awareness of the ordeal. People need to know what goes on in the tourism industry. Lack of awareness among people facilitate and worsen the Child sex tourism. Awareness enables young girls and boys to grow knowing that having sexual relations with adults, foreigners or stranger is wrong. In this respect, the government should be open and stop covering activities that appear to violate the rights of a child. It should provide accurate information and facts to individuals and organizations that aim to end all forms of child exploitation (Camelia, 2007).
Camelia, M. T. (2007). Social responsibility and innovation on trafficking and child sex tourism: Morphing of practice into sustainable. social responsibility and child sex tourism (CST),, 102 -103. Retrieved from Read More
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