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One of the most important consequences of the advancements in international travel and tourism has been the development of various consequent industries such as hospitality industry. Various studies in the ever-widening hospitality industry have suggested the rapid growth of sex…
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Sex Tourism
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"Sex Tourism"

Download file to see previous pages The foremost conclusion of this qualitative research has been that sex tourism is rapidly increasing in hospitality industry across the globe, and the examples of Thailand, Hong Kong and Caribbean countries confirm this fact. Apart from this, the paper also analyses the various fundamental aspects that help to grow sex tourism within hospitality industry and deal with the important legislations affecting sex tourism in hospitality industry.
Sex tourism, which refers to trips organized from within the tourism sector in order to engage in sexual activity with prostitutes, has become one of the most booming industries across the globe in recent years, thanks mainly to the advancements in hospitality industry. Significantly, sex tourism incorporates a number of mercantile sexual activities, agencies and academics spread all over the world and there various types of sex tourism, within the broad category, such as sex tourism, child sex tourism and female sex tourism. There are various factors that contribute to the growth and distribution of this industry across the globe and the scholars in the field emphasise the ever-widening nature of this industry. Several studies connected with hospitality industry conclude that sex tourism has become a very lucrative industry which spans the globe. Thus, it is fundamental to comprehend that “in 1998, the International Labour Organization reported its calculations that 2-14% of the gross domestic product of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand derives from sex tourism. In addition, while Asian countries, including Thailand, India, and the Philippines, have long been prime destinations for child-sex tourists, in recent years, tourists have increasingly travelled to Mexico and Central America for their sexual exploits as well.” (Nair). Therefore, it is indubitable that the booming industry of sex tourism has attained significance all over the world and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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