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The author of the present essay "Development of the Tourism" points out that a recent development established in the tourism sector has greatly influenced the growth of many nations. Many countries have grown famous because of the tourism sector…
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Development of the Tourism
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TOURISM A recent development established in the tourism sector has greatly influenced the growth of many nations. Many countries have grown famous because of the tourism sector. The major benefit that comes with it is increased income and employment levels. However, it does possess a number of setbacks. Challenges facing the tourism sector can be remedied.
To begin with, the tourism sector experiences high tariffs. It varies among countries. A notable example of this includes: high costs of airline tickets; hotel rooms; and tourist attraction sites. It has negatively affected the sector. Therefore, there has been a constant reduction of tourists who opt for regions with low tariffs. Consequently, there is a need to set low tariffs (Hall, Smith, & Marciszewska, 2006).
Second, insecurity is a major challenge affecting tourism. Unfortunately, many countries have done less about solving the problem. Consequently, this has led different nations to imposing sanctions as a way of protecting their citizens. Therefore, this has led many tourism countries to face economic losses. As a solution, governments need to invest more on security, and set up policies that would protect tourists (Okoth & Ndaloh, 2010).
Third, political instability has continuously been a challenge to the tourism sector. Thus, it has subjected tourists to difficult political situations. For instance, despite claims by government that they support tourism, visa allocation has been limited. These among many others hinder tourism. Therefore, through proper leadership political stability is attainable (Some of the Major Current Issues Confronting Tourism, 2006).
In conclusion, the success of the tourism sector entirely depends on the security, political stability, and low tariffs. By achieving them, challenges affecting the tourism will be minimized.
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