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Debate and team paper - Essay Example

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Governments are focused on ensuring their countries are well equipped to handle the number of tourists they entertain annually (Singh, 2012). The Philippines is one country that relies…
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Debate and team paper
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Extract of sample "Debate and team paper"

Debate and Team Paper: Tourism in the Philippines Debate and Team Paper: Tourism in the Philippines In many developing nations, the thought of tourism bringing in foreign currency is appealing. Governments are focused on ensuring their countries are well equipped to handle the number of tourists they entertain annually (Singh, 2012). The Philippines is one country that relies heavily on tourism as a means to raise its failing economy. There are two fronts that are affected directly with such an investment, that is, the political front and the economic front. They view this as a development strategy that works in their favour. Through the development of the tourism industry, foreign investors are likely to spend more capital in that country. This grows the country’s economy significantly. This paper will review some of the advantages of tourism on both the political and economic front.
The Political aspect of tourism
The political situation in the Philippines is questionable at the moment. However, the government supports tourism since they benefit from all the foreign capital that flows into the country (Lumang, 2008). Some of the political class that supports tourism offer the tourists with accommodation during their stay. It is tantamount that the political class be involved. This is because they offer comfort to all those that wish to travel to the Philippines for holiday, and business. There are establishments run by politicians which offer tourists with the best services, hence providing them with a chance to host more tourists in a year.
Another advantage that comes with tourism for the political front is the laws that are in place that promote tourism as an investment. There are laws still being passed in parliament for there to be tourist zones. This means that politicians will push for the building of restaurants, resorts, and hotels to benefit the tourists. The proposed laws also offer incentives to potential investors since they offer the exemption of duties placed on some goods and services (Lumang, 2008). Investors may want to bring their capital to the Philippines since it is profitable.
The Economic aspect
Tourism is raking in billions of dollars into the country. In the near future, it is evident tourism will be responsible for the direct employment of more than four million Filipinos in the country (Lumang, 2008). The Philippines is marketing itself as the preferred destination for all foreign nationals. If people are willing to invest in the country, it is only a matter of time before the country realizes some of its most desired dreams. As many people are retiring to the Philippines, it is offering a new variety of amenities for them. These include condominiums that are rented to them for holiday, health farms which include spas, and rehabilitation facilities. All these have a progressive outcome on the economy. By the year 2015, the country will boast of having nearly the best tourism sector in the world.
Moreover, it is apparent that the money brought into the country is allocated to the health care sector. The enormous revenue can help prevent the migration of local, professional doctors in the country. It could pay them while helping improve the situation in the country. Higher value tourism products ensure that there are always a number of tourists flooding into the Philippines (Lumang, 2008).
In conclusion, the pros of tourism in third world countries can be seen and felt. They need this in order to survive in the ever growing economic markets. Failure to see this can prove detrimental to them. Their resources need to be exploited in order to benefit. Through these means, countries could raise their economies from downfall, and help in alleviating poverty (Andersson, 2009).
Andersson, M. (2009). Sustainable tourism in the Philippines. New York: PULP.
Lumang, J. (2008). Tourism as a development strategy: Is it the right way to progress? Newsletter of the Ecumenical Coalition on Tourism, Contours, (Vol. 18). Retrieved from
Singh, S. (2012). Domestic tourism in Asia: Diversity and divergence. London: Sage Publishers. Read More
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