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Organizational concept:Creative Cities and Creative Tourism - Essay Example

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There is less access to museums but more access to squares. According to experts from the tourism sector, creative tourism involves doing something experimentally. The participants have to demonstrate engagement in the…
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Organizational concept:Creative Cities and Creative Tourism
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Extract of sample "Organizational concept:Creative Cities and Creative Tourism"

Creative Tourist Creative tourism involves access to culture and history. There is less access to museums but more access to squares. According to experts from the tourism sector, creative tourism involves doing something experimentally. The participants have to demonstrate engagement in the real cultural life of the city. It is a new generation of tourism.
Creative tourism emphasizes more on interactions. There are more advantages to a participant in this type of tourism. He will feel like a citizen in the country that he visits. For example, a participant can interact with the local people. Researchers argue that creative tourism is more linked to the culture. Every city has its own unique cultural expressions. For instance, dancing is a cultural expression of Sao Polo in Brazil, while Chinese arts are the cultural expression of Beijing.
The managers of creative tourism have to evolve. It boosts their creativity and identifies potential opportunities within the city. Additionally, being creative will make the managers able to meet the interests of the tourists.
Governments use creative tourism in cities to boost the economy. The creative tourism will result to the creation of more local creative people, development of unique products, employment of guides, creation of transportation jobs, and general infrastructural development. Such positive economic impacts are the reason city governments have invested heavily on creative tourism.
Most cities have not embraced creative tourism. Their administrators have laid down strategies that will bring creative tourism to the cities. With good strategies in place, the cities will benefit greatly from creative tourism. Tourism experts argue that the quality is important in creative tourism. Cities should not lower the prices in order to increase the demand.
Washington DC applied the concept of creative tourism. The city administrators are aware of the benefits of creative tourism. The concept of creative tourism has opened up promising opportunities for city dwellers. It has resulted to city administrators to be strategic thinkers and careful of available resources.
The city allows exchanges among cities that are rich in cultural treasures and expertise. Residents argue that the city leaders often conduct joint promotion of authentic local products. Furthermore, the city promotes creativity among its people. Washington DC has more local creative industries. The schools within the city have developed local creative history curricula.
The city organizes conferences on creative tourism. They invite provocative speaker who will open up new frontiers of thinking. During the conferences, participants emphasize on innovation. It is a requirement that each participant has to leave new ideas. The city department that deals with tourism concentrates more on discussing creative tourism. There are funds set aside to bring in expertise from the tourism sector.
The city ensured creative tourism is a success because they had good facilitation that helped the city grow its tourism capabilities. City administrators sent out people to the ground to study the different parts of the community. They engaged the people in conversations to pass out information on the advantages of cultural tourism. Additionally, the city hired a professional tourism planning team and made good connections with the cultural sponsors (Duxbury, 2004)
Duxbury, N. (2004). Creative cities. Canadian policy research networks, 5. Read More
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