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Tourism refers to the activities that involve people travelling and/or seeking accommodation in places outside their home, city, country and continent for a period not exceeding one year in search of leisure, for business or other activities. This is a competitive industry and…
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Strategy case analyses
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Download file to see previous pages According to the European Commission, & Statistical Office of the European Communities (2007), in recent years, tourism has become the largest and most progressive industry with international revenues generated in tourism in 2011 reaching about 1.030 billion dollars. The market share of new destinations-former transitional, underdeveloped and developing countries have been on the rise. Their market share has increased from 30 percent in the 80’s to 47 percent in 2011 and was estimated to reach 57% by the end of 2013 (p 23).
In many countries, tourism is the preferred option for economic and social development and it is, therefore, included in their political and developmental strategies. An example is Kenya, where tourism is the core of the economy after agriculture.
Tourism is an unpredictable industry influence by a number of factors. Events like economic recession, natural disasters, terrorism acts, weather conditions and government policies significantly affect this industry. These determine where and how people spend their holidays. For example, an increase in the frequency of terror attacks and bombing may cause governments to issue travel advisories and alerts to its people not to visit the affected areas. This industry relies on advertisement and promotional tactics employed by the travel companies, governments and airlines. For example, in the UK, the Tourist Information Center (TIC) located all over the country serves the purpose of promoting and marketing tourism to local and international tourists. The key players in this industry in the UK include travel agents and tour operators like Thomas Cook and low cost airlines like Jet2, Easy Jet, Monarch and Ryaniar.
Companies identify and implement a strategic plan by matching its capabilities with the demands of its environment in this process. It analyzes the initiatives and measures undertaken by top management in a company regarding resources and performance in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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