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Dark Tourism in Prague - Essay Example

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In the words of Foley and Lennon (2000), the term ‘dark tourism’ relates primarily to ‘the presentation and consumption (by visitors) of real and co modified death and disaster sites’. In Czech Republic lies a city with numerous death, disaster and calamity sites. The…
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Dark Tourism in Prague
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Extract of sample "Dark Tourism in Prague"

Dark tourism in Prague Dark tourism in Prague Rationale In the words of Foley and Lennon (2000), the term ‘dark tourism’ relates primarily to ‘the presentation and consumption (by visitors) of real and co modified death and disaster sites’. In Czech Republic lies a city with numerous death, disaster and calamity sites. The city that doubles as its capital is Prague. Experts have explored all variables to seek the motivation of such travel. What could be the force fueling visits to these “horrible” centers? People often have a fascination to issues involving disaster and death (Yuill 2003, 20). Take the basic scenario of a fire in an apartment, it is just normal many people will run towards the scene to either assist, get answers or simply just look. Such is the attention dark tourism has achieved amongst scholars, humanitarians and adventurers all over the world. In Prague, the Church of SS Cyril and Methodius is one such site and has even been ranked Best Dark Tourism site by the country’s Tourism authority. (Hannam & Knox 2010, 28).the site acted has a rich history content regarding the assassination of Reichsprotektor Heydrich. These are not the only centres in Prague.
Evidently, the increased demand in dark tourism in Prague has been boosted by the number of the sites this country harbours (Martina 2011, 02). An increase in these centres simply means more place s to visit for the tourists. In a bid to access the rich history in Prague’s dark sites, tourists have flocked the country to have a piece of these fascinating stories. Some of these Dark sides include:
The worst Room in Prague
House of Mystery Kills
Out of the Window
Spooky Church
Prague’s Bloody Heart
Views to a Kill
The above discussed all recommend increased Dark Sites in Prague and its rich historical content have increased its Demand for dark tourism as the statement of the Research question (Yuill 2003, 32).
The aim of this research is to explore dark Tourism in Prague, view all the effects of this practice of economic, social and political life in Prague. This is because of the vast stories every center holds therefore tourists are bound to learn a lot from their visits.
The objectives of this research are many given the increased awareness of Dark Tourism all over the world. The Research seeks to:
i. To find these Dark Tourism sites in Prague
ii. To Market Dark Tourism in Prague
iii. To relate this sites to the Historical aspects of their existence
iv. To find out the key visitors to these sites, their interests and origin
v. To ensure that awareness is caused about these dark sites and to globalize dark tourism in Prague.
vi. To ensure that awareness is caused about these dark sites and to globalize dark tourism in Prague
vii. To integrate all these objectives towards the demand of Dark Tourism in Prague
Therefore, the ability of these sites to attract tourists must be outlined to discuss the increase demand for tourists in Prague. I am interested in dark tourism in Prague because I find it quite intriguing that areas associated with death could spur interest in people. Furthermore, I think these places harbor vast historical content that I aim at making public.
Hannam, K., & Knox, D. (2010). Understanding Tourism: A Critical Introduction. London: SAGE.
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Yuill, S. M. (2003). Dark Tourism:Understanding Visitor Motivation At Sites Of Death And
Disaster. Journal Of Tourism And Tourist Motivation, 3(2), 4-13.
Martina, P. (2011). Environmentalistika cestovního ruchu (Tourism Environmentalism). Journal
of Tourism, 1(2), 77-113 Read More
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Dark Tourism in Prague Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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