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The Demand for Dark Tourism in Prague (Reasons) - Essay Example

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There is a lot of potential in this niche market because people will be always fascinated and curious about morbid things and events so a town or city that…
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The Demand for Dark Tourism in Prague (Reasons)
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Extract of sample "The Demand for Dark Tourism in Prague (Reasons)"

DARK TOURISM IN PRAGUE (Reasons for the Fascination with Death and Tragedy) by: ID Number Presented Name of the University
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Estimated Word Count: 261
Due on: March 26, 2014
The reason for choosing this research topic is that dark tourism is a fast-growing niche of the global tourism market. There is a lot of potential in this niche market because people will be always fascinated and curious about morbid things and events so a town or city that exploits this potential stands to gain a lot of tourism dollars in this regard. This is the new trend in the global tourism industry and it is not a well-developed sub-niche that shows a particular niche market that can be developed further by tourism officials. Further, there are just few research papers on the topic of dark tourism and so this research study is a contribution towards the goal of developing this potential to its fullest. Like the previous trend of eco-tourism, dark tourism is one way to develop tourism especially if a town or city has just very few exciting natural sceneries to offer domestic and foreign tourists but instead has lot of old sites, castles, former prison or concentration camps, execution squares, and dungeons as alternatives sites worthy to visit and spend their tourism dollars. Academic literature is also very few on this niche of the tourism industry and new research on this niche can be very helpful indeed. The forecast demand and growth potential of dark tourism is very optimistic with people always attracted by a morbid curiosity to see and perhaps re-experience the tragedy and death of the deceased people associated with dark sites; people want to re-create the grief of people. Read More
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