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Critically evaluate the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in managing sustainable tourism with reference to a case study area : Australian Great Barrier Reef - Essay Example

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This article presents a discussion of tourism activities within the Australian Great Barrier Reef, which is fundamental component of Australian tourism sector. As a world heritage region, the region is comprised of numerous stakeholders who are involved in ensuring that tourism…
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Critically evaluate the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in managing sustainable tourism with reference to a case study area : Australian Great Barrier Reef
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Extract of sample "Critically evaluate the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in managing sustainable tourism with reference to a case study area : Australian Great Barrier Reef"

Download file to see previous pages nce the aspect of sustainable tourism within the region, the article presents recommendations on how the stakeholders could become actively involved in enhancing sustainability of tourism activities within the region.
The Australian Great Barrier Reef (GBR) stretches over 2,600 kilometres, including over 2, 900 individual reefs and more than 900 coral island, making it the largest coral reef in the world (Bennett 1971). The GBR becomes a major tourist attraction site in Australia and tourism activities within the region generate more than $3 billion annually(Access Economics 2007). This makes the region an important part of Australias tourism. The tourism activities within this region involve numerous stakeholders who work together for the sustainability of the tourism activities. The continued support of the stakeholders therefore, remains essential in ensuring the tourism activities remain beneficial to the communities around the regions and the country in general. The GBR region receives more than 1.6 million visitors, and generates about 63,000 job opportunities for various professionals (Australian Government 2013). The various stakeholders involved within the region have different roles in contributing to sustainable tourism within the region.
There is a large number of stakeholders within this region due to the expansive coverage of the region. The stakeholders within this region can be divided into major stakeholders and minor stakeholders. The major stakeholders are presented by the organisations and other interest parties with a massive interest upon the region. The minor stakeholders are small organisations and groups which provide support to the major stakeholders. The table below shows the various major and minor stakeholders and their roles in the region.
The stakeholders identified above have fundamental roles in the sustainability of tourism activities within the GBR region, of Australia. The various stakeholders work in close relationship ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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