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Website exploration - Assignment Example

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This paper aims to explore the Canadian Tourism Website in order to critically analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of the country’s tourism commission. It will discuss the improvements required to maintain a good image in front of tourists while also covering stronger and…
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Website exploration assignment
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Download file to see previous pages First of all it gives direct option to ‘Explore Canada’ which includes trip ideas, places to go and things to do. Then there is an option to give complete information on ‘travelling Canada’ starting from arrival up to departure from the State. ‘Share your Canada’ is a unique option for visitors to upload their photos and share their distinctive experiences. Thereafter the website gives a central option to search places with the help of topics, for instance, if someone is interested in exploring arts and culture then the search will directly lead to the most suitable places. Different locations for tourists’ attraction are available with the brief description, for example, there is ice land, journey behind the falls etc. Additionally there is a list of 50 Canadian destinations along with different videos and contact link of a trip advisor.
The site is creatively designed as it shows everything a tourist might be looking for. Although the pictures and information is set in order to demonstrate “more” but the black background color is not giving a comforting feel. Diversity seems to be the central part to picture Canada. This can be substantiated on the basis of locations categorization, for instance, tourists planning their visit to a lake, ice land or even waterfalls can actually select Canada as it has all of them. In addition to this the website sends a message of adventure and fun to the visitor.
3. Scan the categories in the tab Explore Canada at the top of the Home page. Name/identify four or five that you know (by experience) or that you had heard about? Among those that you have identified, what are those that you find MOST characteristic of tourism in Canada?
Places to go: I have read about these places in different publications and stories Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Toronto. All of these places reflect most characteristics of tourism in Canada because they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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