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EM200-1501B-02 Introduction to Website Development Phase 1 IP - Assignment Example

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A website can be said to be a collection or set of web pages created and controlled by an individual or organization on the same server as a collection of information. Web pages are the basic components of a website. A web page is a file containing HTML (hypertext markup…
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EM200-1501B-02 Introduction to Website Development Phase 1 IP
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Download file to see previous pages The main page is usually the first page to be seen when one visits a web page. The main page has enriched information regarding the website. Main pages contain graphic images describing the function of the site. A main page also contains links to other pages within the site. The primary function of a main page is to give access to other pages on the website. This is achieved by providing links to articles, pages and other files contained in the website. Main pages also contain a search box to help visitors quickly access data and information they are looking for on a website. A websites primary page also explains the core functions of the internet site to its visitors (Gareth, 2003).
A header in a general computer context is the top portion of an electronic file. In a web page context, a header can be said to be a ‘banner’. It can be defined as the top portion that contains the name, logo and general information about a website. A header is consistent throughout the website appearing at the top of all pages it contains. The headers primary function is to communicate with visitors on what the website is for and what it does. To accomplish this, a header usually contains the company’s logo and in most cases its slogan or motto. A good header attracts visitors’ attention, sparks their curiosity, and prompts them to look for more in the website. Since it is the first object to be seen on a website, a header creates a focus point for a visitor and encourages him/her to continue browsing the site. Depending on its image and color, a header can also improve the visibility of the website (Gareth, 2003).
In a general computer context, footer is the bottom portion of an electronic or computer file. For a web page, footer describes the part at the bottom of the page. Like the header, a footer is also consistent throughout the website appearing at the bottom of every page. Most web page footers contain a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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