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Southampton - Essay Example

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I would also like to extend my gratitude to my tutor who guided me all along the dissertation and without whose continuous help, support and motivation this…
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Extract of sample "Southampton"

Download file to see previous pages Finally yet importantly, I would like to thank all my peers and classmates who made it an enjoyable experience during the entire course.
Southampton as a port city has a rich maritime history and remains home to a few of the most notable historical monuments and buildings in the UK. However, due to lack of proper planning and execution, tourist footfall is far from satisfactory. Through this dissertation, the researcher has analysed the different aspects to promoting urban tourism in the region. Data gathering and subsequent analysis conveyed that area of West Quay, the waterfront and the parks need to be re-organised. The cruise industry forms the backbone of the region’s tourism and should be promoted as its Unique Selling Point (USP). Southampton council should also perform tie-ups with neighbouring councils of Winchester Eastleigh to promote tourism. Specific recommendations for structural changes in Southampton’s approach to urban tourism include proper advertisement to highlight the city’s best features, museum visits need to be free for the public and funding needs to be procured to maintain historic monuments and buildings. Moreover, council also needs to work to raise public awareness about the importance of urban tourism, which in turn would affect the economy.
Modern theory on sustainable development ushers a combination of economic, social and environmental issues whereby each issue is provided equal importance and judged accordingly. This form of ‘integrative approach’ helps in seeking a balance between economy and society whereby diverse sectors become mutually intertwined to support the common good (Daniels, 1991).
Britain had witnessed alarming decline in its manufacturing productivity from 1980 onwards. This situation was further hampered during the economic recession of 1979-1982; however it was also during this time that organisations and government gradually began to appreciate the importance of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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..., compared to 15 parts per million in the fuel used by cars, and that oceangoing vessels contribute 5-30% of the SOx in coastal areas (p.164). Therefore, in order to reduce the risks to people living close to large ports, the feasibility of cold ironing is one of the options being considered by maritime authorities across the world. 1.2 Southampton The Port of Southampton is one of the world’s major marine terminals. By value, it handles one-third of the United Kingdom’s trade with non-European Union countries, and is the UK’s most important sea gateway, with 41 million tonnes of cargo handled in 2008 (ABP, 2010, p.9). Furthermore, the port directly employs some 130,000 people, and in 2007 contributed around ?7.7 billion to the UK’s Gross...
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Education, profession, geographic location and parental status are some of the dimensions which influence the perspectives and identities of people; this is the basic interpretation of diversity. Using diversity as a concept, it includes everyone. In several ways, the initiatives of diversity match the compliance programs of non-discrimination through crafting an environment for the workplace and promoting an organizational culture that allows for such differences. Diversity is also about dignity and respect for all, about learning from others who are not similar to us, and about building environments and practices for the workplace which will encourage learning from others and being able to grasp the benefits of this diversity (H...
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In other words, there is no explicit reference to the achievement of long term objectives and the people being involved in the business with the express intention of making profits.

In this context, the Southampton Solent University’s existence as a business organization in the strategic business sense would be defined as a clear attempt at continuously engaging in the present and future activities with a view to achieving its long term objectives of which the satisfaction of stakeholders, particularly shareholders, is of paramount importance. Its mission statement is “The pursuit of inclusive and flexible forms of Higher Education which meet the needs of employers and prepare students to succeed in a fast-...
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