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World Cup Impact on South Africas Tourism Sector - Essay Example

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This present essay “World Cup Impact on South Africa’s Tourism Sector” will mainly focus on the impact the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) 2010 world cup that was held in South Africa had on the country’s tourism sector…
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World Cup Impact on South Africas Tourism Sector
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Download file to see previous pages The FIFA 2010 world cup contributed to a massive increase in the number of international tourists arrivals. In this regard Francheska (2011) stated that most of South Africa’s tourists are drawn from other African countries and Europe, which offers the country the highest number of tourists arrivals annually.
Among the major tourists, attractions in South Africa include the country’s national parks, world heritage sites, and cultural and historic sites. Additionally, the country has a vibrant wine sector that has also been able to attract high number of tourists and even the Robben Island where the country’s iconic figure, Mr. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for twenty-five years has been a key attraction sites mostly for scholars in the field of history, this is according to Mattner et al. (2012).
Equally, it is of essence to that the tourism sector in the country has substantially contributed to the country’s growth in terms of job creation, infrastructure development, and source of foreign exchange.
The weather pattern affects South Africa’s tourism sector in equal measures as it does in other countries. This is to say that during harsh climatic conditions such as winter the tourism sector usually experience low activities or low tourists arrivals while during favorable climatic conditions such as summer it experience a boom in the sector.
Altbeker (2009) stated that the key factor that negatively affects the South Africa’s tourism sector is the crime level in the country, which makes many international tourists shy away from visiting the country for fear of their own safety.
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