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The Role of Events in the Seaside Destination: A Case Study of Sport Events in Eastbourne - Essay Example

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This final chapter focuses on the main findings of the dissertation to meet Objective Four and then goes on to make recommendations for Eastbourne Council and for future research into sports events and tourism.
This study used both qualitative and quantitative designs to gather…
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The Role of Events in the Seaside Destination: A Case Study of Sport Events in Eastbourne
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Extract of sample "The Role of Events in the Seaside Destination: A Case Study of Sport Events in Eastbourne"

Download file to see previous pages This study finding shows that more sports activities should shift to this area as a way of attracting more young people to the destination. The image of Eastbourne as an old people’s town is not helpful for its economic development and it is much better if it can be marketed and appreciated as a modern seaside destination, similar to Brighton. This study noted that 88% of the respondents come from inside UK as shown in chart 5. This suggests that not many people from outside the UK know about Eastbourne and this is an obvious area for growth and expansion. The researcher justifies the visitor promotional strategies as a follow up of the trends of how people are flowing to Eastbourne town in general. Furthermore, this study established earlier on that the Eastbourne local government considered as a town of old people (Eastbourne Borough Council, 2011), which is not exactly helpful. With reference to survey chart 3, the promotional resources and initiatives available to the Eastbourne Town as a tour destination (Boo and Busser, 2006) focus on the secondary schools, colleges and Universities using brochures, social networks and other integrated media of communication (Bowdin et al., 2011). Reaching younger people at this stage in life is a sure way of changing their mind towards Eastbourne Town and the payback is almost certain. Once the young people stream into Eastbourne consistently for the various events such as sport, the people coming outside UK will follow suit and tour effects will be enormous (Chalip and McGuity, 2004).
This study recommends the use of additional activities during events to cater for the diverse tastes or the tourist as well as attract additional tourists to the sports events at Eastbourne. Providing more activities during sports events can also help to persuade tourists to stay longer.
On the issue of knowledge about Eastbourne, generally, this study recommends that marketing of Eastbourne should continue in earnest ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Role of Events in the Seaside Destination: A Case Study of Sport Essay - 2.
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