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In the paper “Georgia Recreation and Park Association” the author discusses a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1945 to support and promote these two industries in the state of Georgia. It is also the only association that serves as an advocacy group at the local level…
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Georgia Recreation and Park Association
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Georgia Recreation and Park Association

Georgia Recreation and Park Association is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1945 to support and promote these two industries in the state of Georgia. It also carries the distinction of being the only association that serves as an advocacy group at the local level. The Board of Trustees comprises a team of 34 highly experienced and qualified personnel. In addition, its rolls show a membership 1,600 strong. These members are drawn from public enterprises, private businesses, academia, etc. Not only do they strive to provide recreation opportunities but also participate in fundraising and technical assistance activities.

Bill McNair is the President of GRPA. The President ship is shared by Danny Jones and James Dodson. Other prominent members of the top brass include Michael Coleman, Jimmy Gisi and Steve Card. They are supported by a group of trustees and District Commissioners, who in turn administer other local representatives.

The members and Board of Trustees make a combined effort to fulfill GRPA's fundamental purpose, which is "promoting healthy life styles through the utilization of park facilities and recreation services for the well being of each citizen individually and the community as a whole, insuring that park and recreation services are available, and providing organized, supervised activity as a means of prevention for a number of circumstances (disease, stress, etc.) including the prevention of juvenile delinquency."

At the decision making level of the organization, members see to it that proper balance is sustained between recreation, disease prevention and health promotion. For example, many studies have found that physical exercise in the form of aerobic exercises can substantially reduce the risk of cardiac problems. Keeping this in mind, GRPA promotes its local residents to perform regular moderate exercises.

Another function of GRPA is to lobby in Congress to pass new legislations that recognize the therapeutic value of recreation. The lobby also interacts with policy makers to allot substantial budgets to support recreation programs and services. They also work with other non-profits within the state to "continue and/or initiate recreation programs and functions with health and wellness objectives and positive outcomes". The GRPA also coordinates with the National Recreation and Park Association and lends a helping hand by sponsoring "special events which demonstrate or reinforce recreation, health and wellness relationships."

The GRPA conducts banquets and athletic meets for all age groups on a regular basis to keep alive healthy dialogue between the inhabitants of the state and its governing authorities. In addition to these activities, several committees are formed to cater to different interest groups. Some of these committees are for Professional Development, Public Policy, Youth Task Force, etc.

The mouth piece of the GRPA is its magazine and other publications. Named Recreation and Parks in Georgia, the magazine “covers national trends, statewide issues and local events”. It is published in association with Naylor Publications. Another mode of communication the association employs is the newsletter, which is sent out to all members as and when warranted.

The GRPA collaborates with the Georgia Games Commission, Special Olympics Georgia and some business corporations to support its administration efforts. The joint effort with Special Olympics Georgia has had an impressive track record of identifying and supporting promising athletes in the region.

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