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The Trusted Traveler Program - Essay Example

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It studies the benefits of this program, its disadvantages as well as controversies and legal issues surrounding it.
The "Trusted Traveler" Program came in…
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The Trusted Traveler Program
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Extract of sample "The Trusted Traveler Program"

Download file to see previous pages The “Trusted Traveler" program in essence was made to facilitate the frequent flyers that could include all the business entrepreneurs, government officials and employees as well as other selected individuals who could get their easy way off as regards to airport security checks.
The Trusted Traveler program is undoubtedly a good idea when we literally think about it in the first go, but it is also a source of problems on the part of the security people who are present at the airports and are responsible for everything as they are at the helm of affairs when we talk about security and its long checks. This program can have its disadvantages if say for instance a terrorist gets hold of a Trusted Traveler card, would he or she still be unstoppable. The same goes true if he or she is carrying some explosives or weapons on board, would the person be allowed to board the flight? There are serious questions that can be posed with respect to the Trusted Traveler program.
The “Trusted Traveler” program is in the process of being studied thoroughly by the American Senate and would soon, hopefully is put into practice so that American flyers could get extra privileges when they think of security and ease of actions at the airport and within the flights. The reason why this program has not been approved as yet owes to the fact that there are a number of glitches and loopholes through which terrorists and criminals can run off scotch free, thus delaying the whole process. Once these problems are addressed in the broader context of the airline security and with meticulous attention paid to the ease of the passengers, this program would pretty surely be in place for one and all to enjoy and witness at the airports, in the coming times.
As regards to passenger authentication, it usually entails the corroboration of passenger ID, which includes from his beginning as a passenger is transited through the airport and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Trusted Traveler Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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